Season 4 Reloaded: New Call of Duty Content

Posted on July 13, 2021

As fans know by now, Warzone and Cold War follow a traditional pattern. Every season, there’s a fresh content update, followed by a mid-season, ‘reloaded’ update. It’s a great way for Activision to spread out the content, keep players engaged, and inject new weapons, maps, and modes into both Warzone and Cold War. With that in mind, let’s break down what’s coming in Season 4 Reloaded.

When this update drops on July 15th, fans will receive a whole host of new content. There are two new weapons, a familiar operator, fresh modes, and a new map for Black Ops Cold War. At the same time, Warzone will receive a fresh killstreak, mode, and a new in-game event. Here’s the full roadmap:

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Good Things Coming

There’s yet another Black Ops II map coming to Cold War as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update. It’s a paintball-themed arena known as Rush, and it’ll bring with it a new game mode named Paintball Moshpit. As you can probably expect, this will see players go head-to-head in a literal paintball fight on that new map.

Cold War will also receive Capture The Flag as a game mode, along with a temporary Rush 24/7 playlist.

Both Warzone and Cold War will benefit from the new operator, Weaver, and the two new weapons, the OTS-9, and the Mace. While the Mace is nothing but a grisly-looking melee weapon, the OTS-9 is set to become a fresh meta. This minuscule but powerful and rapid SMG is otherwise known as the ‘Skorpion’ from the previous Call of Duty titles.

It isn’t yet known how the OTS-9 will be unlocked, but the challenge will be revealed very soon.

In Other News

There’ll be a fresh event dropping into Warzone as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update, known as Blueprint Blitz. When this event kicks off in-game, players will have the ability to rapidly unlock some extremely attractive and unique blueprints. It’s a similar event to the Contraband Contracts that have already existed within Warzone for the last few months.

Activision is also introducing a Sentry Gun killstreak to Warzone, something which is likely to disturb the balance immensely. It’ll allow players to drop an automated, AI-driven turret that will attack enemy players on sight. It’s unknown exactly how this will work, with aspects such as ammunition count and range coming into the debate.

There’s also a sizeable portion of the update reserved for Zombies, of course. We’ll be enjoying an entirely new map, a brand new ‘mule kick’ perk, a fresh wonder weapon, and new challenges and crafting items. It’s a packed update, and fans of the Zombies game mode will definitely not be disappointed.

Prepare For The Drop

The Season 4 Reloaded update will release on the 15th of July. It’s estimated to feature an update size of around 11GB to 21GB for Black Ops Cold War, and around 9GB to 10GB for Warzone. Of course, if you own both games, you’ll have to wait a little longer to play with the fresh content.


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