Sentinels Defeat G2 Esports in VCT Stage 3 Masters

Posted on September 13, 2021

The action in VCT Masters Berlin is heating up as we’re heading into day four of the event. Yesterday’s showdown in group D was between Sentinels and G2 Esports. The long-time rivals finally faced off and gave us a match we’ve all been waiting for. Sentinels emerged victorious, but not without losing a single map to G2.

Sentinels now find themselves sitting at the number one spot in group D, with G2 right behind them. Despite losing the first match, G2 remains confident in the knowledge that the NA giants do have weak spots, and they plan to take their revenge in the rematch.

The Match Highlights

Sentinels win VCT Masters Rejkyavik
Image Credits | Sentinels

Sentinels won the match against G2 Esports, but not without suffering their first map loss in any international Valorant LAN esports tournament they ever attended. Confident as ever, they played incredibly well and earned their victory, but a share of the spotlight belongs equally to G2 as well.

Sentinels controlled the match on Split, finishing the first half with 8-4. They continued the offensive in the second half, pushing G2 out of their way and denying any of their attempts to retake control. The final score was 13-6.

However, G2 immediately returned the favour on Icebox, and caused Sentinels to struggle a bit. Another 8-4 half time, and this time it was G2 that was looking superior. They quickly wrapped up the match and the battle on Icebox ended with a 13-8 score for G2.

The score was even, and it was time for map three on Haven. Any hope G2 had for this match was immediately crushed by Sentinels. It was as if they finally activated their full power, finishing the first half with 11-1, giving G2 barely any room to breathe. Just like watching a predator stalk his prey, toying with his food before pouncing for a finishing blow.

G2 began turning things around in the second half, but it was too late. Sentinels just needed two rounds and that’s exactly what they did. The match on Haven ended with a 13-8 score and Sentinels were victorious once again.

Intense Rivalry

Image Credits | G2 Esports

Sentinels and G2 Esports have had their share of friendly rivalry. From the standpoint of competitive Valorant, it makes a lot of sense. G2 used to be the best team in the early stages of the game, before Valorant Champions Tour was introduced. Sentinels emerged in NA and slowly took over. They’ve won every Valorant tournament they competed in, and meanwhile, G2 slumbered for months.

Both teams feel like they have something to prove, the former winners meeting the current ones. This was also reflected in their interaction on Twitter, where both organisations were seen throwing jabs at each other, perhaps taunting one another in a friendly banter. But at the end of the day, that’s all it is, just some friendly fun between opposing teams.

Sentinels may have won the first battle, but the war still rages on. G2 has been in great shape lately, and them being in VCT Stage 3 Masters is proof enough. The next match between these teams will certainly be as intense as the previous one, with both teams staking their pride in it. Win or lose, both teams will most likely proceed into the playoffs as group D only has 3 teams, and F4Q is highly unlikely to beat either of these two.

Ultimately, these kinds of matchups are what Valorant is all about. Seeing Sentinels stomp the NA scene is fun for a while, but they also need a proper challenge to continue growing and evolving as a team. G2 has already made a dent in their armor by taking a single map from them, something that no other team has done before in a Valorant LAN event. We’ll see who’ll win in the end, but for now, we’ll just enjoy the show.

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