Sentinels Dominate the VCT Stage 1 Masters

Published: Mar 22, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sentinels have once again proven to be the best team in NA Valorant after yesterday’s dominating performance in the Grand Final rematch against FaZe Clan. The LA crew was as confident as ever and took a clean 3-0 sweep against FaZe. Tyson “TenZ” Ngoplayed with Sentinels for the duration of VCT Stage 1 Masters as a stand-in for sinatraa, and played a critical role in Sentinels winning the tournament.

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Sentinels Crushing the Opposition

While others are still struggling to adapt in Valorant, Sentinels just keep getting stronger. The crew’s balanced play and team coordination is what gives them the edge and keeps them one step ahead. The recent addition of  TenZ introduced a power boost when the team needed it the most, and was a deciding factor during Valorant Champions Tour NA Masters.

Throughout the entire duration of Masters, Sentinels had very little trouble and won the tournament almost effortlessly. They only managed to lose one map, and that’s against Luminosity, who were a thorn in their side for quite some time.

The first obstacle they faced was the match against 100 Thieves. Some saw 100 Thieves as the team who could finally stop Sentinels’ reign, but they were completely off base. ShahZaM and the squad quickly demolished 100 Thieves on Ascent, and used the momentum to wrap things up in the second map on Haven.

With the team’s morale high, they went off to face FaZe in the Upper Bracket Final, and many saw this as the ultimate showdown of the event. FaZe was the main contender for the title, especially after they picked up steam in Challengers 3 and won that event. However, their hopes were soon dashed. Sentinels played aggressively and FaZe just couldn’t seem to keep up. With a quick 2-0 win, Sentinels secured their spot in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was a rematch against FaZe, who managed to overwhelm Gen.G Esports and push forward. FaZe were determined to turn things around and win this time.

They started off strong on Ascent, dominating the first half of the match, but it didn’t take long until Sentinels came to their senses and pulled off a comeback. It was all downhill from there for FaZe. The next two maps, all they could do is just watch Sentinels take full control and snowball into a 3-0 victory.

Could TenZ Stay in Sentinels Permanently?

This is the question that’s on everyone’s mind right now, especially after his explosive performance during NA Masters. He was signed as a loan from C9 Blue, so it’s not clear whether Sentinels can negotiate a deal and keep TenZ in a more permanent capacity. TenZ did stop his competitive play to focus on content creation, however, the recent events showed that he’s far from being done with Valorant. The team barely had any practice with TenZ and yet they immediately clicked. He’s very strong as an individual player, capable of great clutch plays, but what’s more astounding is his humble approach and the respect he holds for each individual member on the team.

The other issue is the suspension of sinatraa and the ongoing investigation he’s involved in. He’s an excellent player, and the fans love him, but the reality is that this is just bad publicity for Sentinels. Right now, they have the success formula and if they keep the roster as it currently is, there’s very little chance they’ll lose to anyone. It’s very possible Sentinels will be pushing to sign TenZ full-time, but nothing has been announced yet.

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