Sentinels Officially Acquire TenZ in Blockbuster Deal

Posted on June 2, 2021 - Last Updated on June 3, 2021

The hype around Sentinels and their star player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo still continues. Today we learn that Sentinels have finally made their move and signed the Canadian Jett superstar after months of him playing on a loan from Cloud9 Blue.

In a press conference after winning Masters in Reykjavík, TenZ expressed his wish to remain with the team, stating how Sentinels were the best team he’s ever had. Looks like his wish has finally come true, as he’s now finally a fully-fledged member of the core 5 of the Sentinels team.

The deal was negotiated with Cloud9, and allegedly the price tag was a seven-digit figure. Great times for TenZ and Sentinels, but a step from bad to worse for Sinatraa. After his 6-month suspension and now TenZ coming on board permanently, his future looks bleak at best. He’s no longer a part of the main lineup, and it’s questionable whether he’ll remain a member at all for long.

“He’s here to stay”

This has been the tweet that Sentinels posted on June 1st, and everyone knew immediately what it meant. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see what would happen with TenZ, and we knew it would’ve been a real heartbreak if he was separated from his squad that he grew to care for so much.

Luckily, things turned out in the best possible way. Sentinels are at the top of the world right now, after winning the NA Masters, Challengers Finals, and now the Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2 event. No other team in Valorant has come even close to this. They all deserve a well-earned rest, and should use this brief period of downtime to celebrate.

The TenZ Effect

TenZ is the best Valorant player in Valorant right now, there’s no doubt about it. He’s the talk of the town and even other Valorant pros are shocked and impressed by his speed and dueling skill.

The official Valorant Champions Tour Twitter page posted the stats for the latest Valorant Masters event in Reykjavík, and TenZ has been pronounced as the MVP of the entire series.
This achievement is no small feat. He’s just one player in a sea of professional Valorant players who attended this event, and yet he still came out at the very top.

He finished the series with an impressive K/D/A of 79/61/25 and an average combat score of 289.

Overall, an excellent performance by TenZ and a happy ending for him. We can’t wait for him to surprise us with more of his excellent pro plays in the events that are to come.

Sinatraa’s time is up

Sinatraa has been a part of Sentinels for quite some time, but we believe his time is almost up now that TenZ has been signed permanently. Although he’s a great Valorant player and has shown that on many occasions, the stain left on his career by the recent investigation is hard to ignore.

Sentinels have just won the biggest Valorant event to date, and have signed the best Valorant player in the world, so they are currently celebrating. But once the dust settles, they’ll most likely announce the situation regarding Sinatraa and make the final call.

Image Credits | Activision Blizzard

Although we have no information as of yet, we expect Sinatraa to depart from the team. They are all still friends and have mutual respect for each other, but there’s simply no room for him in Sentinels anymore. The current lineup works like a well-oiled machine, and we don’t see Sentinels management messing with that.

Sadly, this will most likely be the end for Sinatraa. However, he’d be an excellent addition to any other Valorant squad out there. He’ll just have to be patient until his ban is lifted, and then he can continue working on his career.

What’s next for Sentinels?

Sentinels are the Valorant World Champions and they’ve dominated the NA region since the very beginning, and now they’ve demolished other regions as well. The question that remains is – what’s next?

By winning the VCT Masters 2, as well as all other previous events, they’ve automatically qualified for the final stage of the entire event, namely Valorant Champions. They are the only team that has already arrived at the finish line.

Sentinels win VCT Masters Rejkyavik
Image Credits | Riot Games

However, this event is scheduled way later at the end of the year, starting early December. We can’t handle months without seeing Sentinels play, so we’re hoping they’ll still be attending the Valorant Champion Tour Stage 3 despite not needing to qualify. There’s still a lot of prizes to be won, and they have to stay sharp and continue practicing.

Whatever happens, we’re glad to see the Sentinels squad stay together. TenZ has found a new home and he’s not leaving anytime soon.

We’ll follow the Valorant situation as it continues to unfold, so make sure to stay tuned for more news, reviews, and Valorant betting predictions

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