Sentinels Still Looking Unfazed After Dominant Challengers 2 Win

Posted on April 27, 2021

There wasn’t little Sentinels would be able to make it to Challengers Finals, although they did face the occassional setback. However, in usual Sentinels fashion, they quickly bounced back up and reclaimed their number 1 spot in NA Valorant.

After a rough start in VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2, Sentinels were forced to climb their way up through the lower bracket, which they did. Finally, in the Grand Finals, they faced off against Cloud9 Blue and dismantled them with a 3-0 score.

They can finally breathe a sigh of relief and rest for a few days before Challengers Finals begins.

Sentinels Remain on Top

Sentinels have probably been the most consistent team in NA Valorant Champions Tour. The way they play is truly a sight to behold, and their team dynamics are on another level.

They tend to take out their opponents quickly and decisively, but even when they lose they immediately recover and adapt, which makes them an even scarier opponent.

VCT Stage 2 has been a bit of a roller coaster for this crew. They went through the Challengers 1 Qualifier without breaking a sweat, and in the final and most important match, they suddenly lost 2-0 against Built By Gamers. This was a crippling blow to the team and one that completely prevented them from participating in Challengers 1. Built By Gamers came prepared and surprised the LA squad.

Fast forward to their opening match in Challengers 2 and disaster struck again. This time it was Andbox that won both maps, sending Sentinels down into the Lower Bracket.

Now, this is what sets Sentinels apart from other NA teams. Usually, others buckle under pressure, and we’ll often see teams go from bad to worse, losing several consecutive matches and affecting the team’s overall performance and morale. But that’s not the case with Sentinels.

This team seems to thrive under pressure, always adapting and remaining flexible in spite of unfavorable circumstances. ShahZaM always keeps his cool and helps lead his team to success.

Cloud 9 Falls at the Final Hurdle

If you were following the VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2 event, you noticed how incredibly well C9 Blue played all the way to the Grand Finals. Three consecutive 2-0 sweeps against T1, Andbox, and then NRG. One could say they looked unstoppable.

Then came the Grand Finals, and Sentinels emerged from the Lower Bracket, ready to brawl it out. However, the stellar performance we saw from C9 up to this point was nowhere to be seen. For the majority of the event, it seemed as if they were smurfing, but when paired against Sentinels they just fell apart.

It was interesting to see TenZ, who’s now playing for Sentinels, destroy his former team. He scored 22 kills with Reyna in map 1, with 346 ACS. On map 2 he swapped over to his usual Jett pick, and repeated the same thing again, scoring 18 kills.

Map 3 was played on Split and this time C9 finally bounced back and started resisting. It was a very close match that went into overtime, but one they ultimately lost.

In the end, Sentinels remained victorious and are now aiming for the Challengers Finals to qualify for the Masters in Reykjavík. We’re looking forward to seeing whether they can overcome the challenges ahead. Follow us to stay up-to-date with all Valorant news, reviews, and Valorant betting predictions.

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