Partners With Battlefy To Bring Analytics To Collegiate Esports

Posted on February 27, 2018 - Last Updated on September 23, 2019

In a new partnership with Battlefy, DOJO Madness is expanding its analytics services into collegiate esports., DOJO Madness’ analytics tool, will now be available to college analysts, coaches, and players.

College League of Legends getting an analytical boost

With the help of Battlefy, a company that runs the Riot Games-sponsored College League of Legends tournament, DOJO Madness now enables participants to use its professional analytics tool. A tailored version of will be made accessible to participating teams with the rollout planned for early March. While the subscription model will be similar to the version pro teams use, the college version will be cheaper.

Read also: LoL Betting has seen a lot of success in the pro scene. Teams apply it in competitive scenes of popular titles like Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends. The Berlin-based company specializes in developing tools that help gamers master their play. With the expansion into the competitive collegiate scene, teams can now enjoy a richer data repertoire for better strategy development.

“Esports is constantly breaking through new frontiers, and collegiate competition is one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments,” said DOJO Madness Head of Shadow Initiatives Tim Sevenhuysen in a statement. “Battlefy and Riot Games have shown how deeply committed they are to the long-term future of collegiate esports, and we’re thrilled to be able to support that vision by offering collegiate teams access to our professional-grade tools.”

College esports boom

Competitive collegiate gaming has grown steadily for the last couple of years. More schools have joined the scene, and new esports events now pop up left and right. With the help of companies like Battlefy, which helps customers organize esports events like tournaments and leagues, the scene can expand even faster.

“Battlefy’s mission is to grow the esports ecosystem and empower others to leverage the platform to create rewarding competitive experiences for players,” stated Battlefy Business Development Manager John Gallagher. “This partnership is a great example of how partners, like DOJO Madness, help drive this mission forward with us.”

In College League of Legends, for example, more than 300 North American teams participate. Yet data remains scarce because college matches are not always streamed or catalogued for statistics. can only help teams better their analytics and strategy game.

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