Sirplay and Oddin partner to bring esports betting to the LatAm market

Posted on January 21, 2021 - Last Updated on September 26, 2022

Sirplay and Oddin have joined forces and signed a mutual partnership to bring their own esports betting solution to the Latin American market. This betting solution is not an exclusive one, and it will be offered to multiple bookmakers in the region.

Latin America is a rapidly expanding market for esports and esports betting but the current model for bookmakers is rooted firmly in the past. Many large sportsbooks have entered the region but their focus remains on traditional sports. What the region lacks, and this partnership may provide, is an esports focused solution for bettors.


Sirplay is a sports betting software expert. They bring their expertise to developing markets around the world. They have four offices in Malta, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. They have 9 licenses in regulated markets in Africa and Latin America and they now operate in 22 countries around the world, 11 of which are in Latin America.

They offer flexible modular software developed according to the needs of the market they are currently operating in. They not only develop and maintain their software, but they also assist their clients in the development, licensing, and promotional processes.

Bart Esposito, CEO at Sirplay, said:

“There is a booming demand for esports in Latin America. Our clients have been requesting a better esports betting offering for quite some time and thanks to Oddin we will now be able to deliver it in the upcoming weeks.”


Oddin is a B2B esports technology solution. They operate their data-driven and AI-powered iFrame solution in partnership with official data from Bayes Esports to supply a variety of live betting opportunities.

That is a very wordy way of saying that they can deliver up to the second live coverage and engagement with esports. It is a business solution that the company claims will help engage bettors, drive volume, and improve profitability for betting operators.

Marek Suchar, head of partnerships at Oddin, said:

“At Oddin we see LatAm as one of the key regions for esports betting. We have been in touch with multiple potential partners and in Sirplay we have found the right partner to start with. Together, we will be able to establish a strong position within esports very quickly.”

Esports in the region

As we mentioned earlier in the article, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions for esports and esports betting. The esports audience in Latin America has reached 55 million people in 2020 and is expected to grow to more than 70 million in 2022. One of the biggest esports competitions in Latin America is Liga Latinoamérica for League of Legends.

DOTA 2 and CS:GO are also very popular esports in the region. CS:GO especially has a major scene in Brazil. Brazilian teams like MIBR and FURIA are some of the best on the globe and compete in major worldwide events.

With the rapid growth in popularity, the esports betting market in Latin America is definitely in need of some serious investment and it looks like this partnership may be the way to do it.

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