Six Berlin Major 2022 Confirmed for August

Published: Jun 23, 2022

With all the gusto of another exciting step in the Rainbow Six 2022 esports calendar, the next Major stage has been set. Following the Six Charlotte Major in May, the Six Berlin Major will be held, running from the 15th to the 21st of August, at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany. It’s expected to be another monumental event for the Six Siege esports scene, toting a substantial prize pool worth $500k and opening the doors once again for fans to attend live and in-person.

At the Six Charlotte Major in May 2022, DarkZero Esports stunned the competitive world, pulling off a massive underdog win. It was a wondrous display, with top-flight teams like Astralis, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, and FURIA standing in DarkZero’s dust at the close of the tournament. Now, the fans of R6S are set to witness another intense, high-octane event in the Six Berlin Major.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this tournament, including the attractive ticket tiering.

Breaking Down the Six Berlin Major


There’s little doubt that the Six Majors make up some of the best Rainbow Six tournaments out there today. Behind the Six Invitational, they’re some of the most high-value competitions in the space, and they’re frequented by the best Rainbow Six teams the industry has to offer.

At the Six Berlin Major, sixteen teams will descend on the Theater am Potsdamer Platz to do battle across two main stages. Firstly, there’s the Group Stage, which sees four double round-robin groups fight it out for a chance to enter the Playoffs. Only two teams from each group can go through to the final stage, so you can bet your last dollar on the Group Stage being as intense as it could possibly be.

In the Playoffs, the remaining eight teams will face off in a single-elimination bracket, which leads up to the grand final series.

It’s a relatively simple tournament and it follows a format that is tried and tested in the world of Rainbow Six Siege. If you’re a frequent fan of Rainbow Six betting, you’ll likely already be familiar with the structure.

Back to LAN

The Six Berlin Major marks the second LAN-based Major for Rainbow Six Siege in 2022. Before that, there was a long hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. For fans travelling to Berlin to watch the Major live, there’s an interesting assortment of tickets going on sale that get better as they get… Well, more expensive.

Furthermore, all R6S players can take advantage of an exclusive Jackal bundle in the in-game store. This is a special bundle created to celebrate the Six Berlin Major, and it’s available for a limited time. If you’re staying remote, consider placing a few wagers to spice up the tournament, and make use of our Six Berlin Major betting guide when you do so.

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