Six Jönköping Major: Siege Returns to Sweden in November

Published: Oct 6, 2022 - Last Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege will return to Sweden in November, as the final Six Major of the year descends upon the city of Jönköping. Between the 21st and the 27th of November, sixteen of the greatest Six Siege teams in the world will battle it out for the lion’s share of a $500,000 prize pool. This will be the final major event of the year for Rainbow Six esports and a seriously important event for any fans interested in Rainbow Six betting.

In August, the Six Berlin Major played out in remarkable fashion, with Rogue defeating FaZe Clan in the grand final. Back in May, at the Six Charlotte Major, DarkZero stunned fans around the world by securing an underdog victory against Astralis, netting a whopping $200,000 prize. Will another outsider organisation rise up in Jönköping to net one of the biggest prizes in Rainbow Six Siege esports?

The Jönköping Major Approaches

six belrin major
Rogue beat FaZe at the Six Berlin Major in an epic showdown.

As some of the best Rainbow Six tournaments in the business, the Six Majors boast a pivotal role in the overall ecosystem. Firstly, they give top competitors the opportunity to win a large sum of cash and to lay claim to some seriously impressive bragging rights. However, arguably, more importantly, the Six Majors are the leading way in which teams can qualify for the Six Invitational, the ultimate competitive event in the R6S space.

In November, the best Rainbow Six teams will take to the stage in Jönköping, eager to prove their worth and take home the grand prize. For a while, it seemed as though the ‘Six November Major’ would be held in Asia, but instead, the event will now take place at the DreamHack Winter event in Jönköping. While there were no explanations as to why the tournament has been moved, Ubisoft did state that they:

‘… had to adapt plans and switch locations.’

Last year, the November Major was also set to be held in Asia, but this was moved to Sweden – on that occasion, travel restrictions were cited as the reason for the move. Earlier this year, in February, the Six Invitational was also held in Sweden.

An Opportunity to Wager

Typically, the Six Major tournaments offer some of the best Rainbow Six betting opportunities. They’re covered by almost all of the top-tier esports betting sites out there, and odds and markets are both readily available and accessible. While tickets to the event are already being sold, there are no preliminary betting markets open just yet – but it won’t be long.

At present, almost no teams have been confirmed as attending the event, as many of the qualification paths are yet to wrap up. It’s well worth keeping an eye on the landscape and learning which teams have qualified and when they do so. If you can learn about these teams before the earliest stages of the Six Jönköping Major kick off, then you’ll have the upper hand on your wagers.

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