SK Telecom face their toughest opponents G2 Esports at the LoL Worlds 2019

Published: Oct 31, 2019 - Last Updated: Oct 6, 2022

One week from now, the name of the LoL Worlds 2019 champion will be known and four teams are still in the race. One day after the all-Chinese semifinal, the top two favorites lock horns for a spot in the decisive act of the competition. SK Telecom are at the top of the LoL Worlds power rankings followed at a close distance by G2 Esports. This means that the winner of this match will start with the first chance in the final, regardless of who joins them from the LPL side.

SK Telecom’s Faker to Lead his Team for another LoL Worlds Final

SK Telecom is an exceptional team with plenty of experienced players, yet one of them stands out from the crowd. Faker has just won his 100 international game and he has nearly twice as many victories on the big stage than the second most successful player. The South Korean superstar is expected to lead his team to another trophy, according to the latest LoL Worlds odds.

All bookmakers credit SKT as the main favorite, yet the odds are slowly but surely shrinking as kickoff draws near. At the time of writing punters can expect odds of 1/2 at Unikrn on SKT to prevail and slightly above even value to cover the -1.5 spread.

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Hyper-Aggressive G2 Esports Try to Overwhelm South Korean Giants

At the beginning of the LoL Worlds 2019, there were several bookmakers including Betway Esports that saw G2 Esports at the most likely winner of the tournament. This is without a doubt the best team from Europe, with the strongest roster ever and amazing players on all positions. The duel between Faker and Caps on mid-lane promises to be epic and even though the South Korean has more experience, the mid-laner from Europe will give him a run for his money.

Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals

G2 Esports play fast and loose, employing hyper aggressive tactics and trying to gain an insurmountable advantage early on in the match. They need a strong start to prevail, but if they manage to get ahead, the odds of 7/5 offered by Buff.Bet will trigger big wins.

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The Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object

The two Chinese teams left in the race can consider themselves lucky to play against each other in the first semifinal. Because the League of Legends Worlds schedule pits SK Telecom against G2 Esports, China is guaranteed to have a representative in the final.

The South Koreans are famous for their steady games and the flawless execution throughout the match and especially in the late stages. This is a team that performs well under pressure and commits very few mistakes, so comebacks against them are extremely rare. G2 Esports is the exact opposite, a team defined by exuberance and an unbridled enthusiasm that often leads to crushing victories, but they are also prone to committing silly errors.

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