SoftSwiss Anti-fraud Service Resolves Over 70 Complaints Worth €370,000

Posted on March 29, 2021 - Last Updated on July 10, 2023

The more esports betting and crypto betting increase in popularity, the more it is going to be targeted by people who are looking to act fraudulently and illegally. Fortunately, now there are companies that have devised systems to stop this kind of illegal activity and one Swiss-based company has reported very encouraging results over the last nine months.

SoftSwiss is an anti-fraud company that over the nine months from July 2020, has seen over 70 complaints regarding fraud resolved, which have been worth over €370,000 in total.

Fraud Prevention Specialists

These eye-opening results not only offer players and operators increasing confidence that they won’t fall victim to fraud, but also give a clear example of how SoftSwiss has been able to support both the operators and customers in resolving potential fraud issues in an impartial and professional manner.

This particular part of the SoftSwiss Managed Services group, is just one of a number of options available to subscribers to the service. Other services available include First Line Support and VIP & Retention services.

As part of their service, the SoftSwiss group provides all their clients with a range of different security techniques and security checks all of which are aimed at reducing the instances of fraudulent activity at the casino.

This includes checking bonus abuse from customers, tracking players that attempt to open duplicate or numerous accounts, investigations into collusion between players as well as other forms of fraudulent behaviour.

SoftSwiss Anti-fraud Service

“Objective and Honest”

Speaking about the massive amount of money saved from fraud over the last nine months, the Team Lead at SoftSwiss AntiFraud, Anastasia Vyshinskaia, commented:

“Our team is glad to be helping out such a large number of people and keeping it objective and honest every step of the way. Cooperation with the Support Team of dozens of casinos as well as notifications from the providers helps us always detect and react timely.”

Cryptocurrency Betting Experts

One of the most promising aspects of the service is that it is also primed to offer plenty of support for sites that want to offer betting with Bitcoin on esports. Crypto betting has grown massively in popularity over the years, although there are many that are wary of the service due to the limited information provided about the user when making a transaction using cryptocurrency.

SoftSwiss was the first company in the world to offer a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution back in 2013 and as such, they have become the leading name when it comes to companies using cryptocurrencies when it comes to online gaming and gambling.

Since then, the company has diversified into almost all areas of online betting, offering a wide range of products in its portfolio including its own online casino platform, it also has access to thousands of casino games, an extensive affiliate platform, and the company has also moved into sports betting in recent times too.

Reducing all kinds of fraud is only good news for esports betting and crypto betting industries as both players and operators want to be sure that they are protected from fraud by third parties. As such, these results from SoftSwiss only serve to show that the industry is moving very much in the right direction when it comes to stopping fraud.

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