Sojourn – Overwatch’s Latest Hero

Published: Apr 19, 2022

It has been quite a while since we received a new playable hero in Overwatch. In fact, the last one released was Echo, all the way back on April 14th, 2020. While we all knew that the new hero Sojourn was going to be released with Overwatch 2, as she was announced on November 1st, 2019, no one expected that it would take this long for her to arrive. Well, actually, she is still not available for play, but she will be very soon, as Overwatch 2 beta begins.

Image Credits | Blizzard

What is her kit?

For those who are big fans of esports betting, you might find certain skills that Sojourn has in her kit quite familiar. Her primary weapon is a Railgun, unfortunately, not the one from the Quake series, but it does have a similar feel to it as it has a primary fire that is machine-gun-like, and the second fire, which fires a high impact shot that consumes stored energy.

Her passive is something that you might have seen in various battle royal games, such as Apex Legends. It is called Power Slide, and it is a ground slide that you can cancel into a high jump. This will make Sojourn quite unique and fast-paced to play. Even if a passive seems quite simple on paper, we are very excited to see some crazy stunts in Overwatch tournaments that are going to come with the release of the long-awaited sequel.

Besides the very interesting passive, she has a single ability, which is called Disruptor Shot. When using this ability, Sojourn launches an energy shot that slows and deals damage to enemies within it. Crowd control on a DPS character is always welcome, as it makes shots easier to land.

Her ultimate is quite similar to the one of Sova from Valorant. It is called Overclock, and it makes the railgun auto-charge energy for a short duration. However, while Sova in Valorant can make his shots go through walls and pretty much everything, Sojourn is a bit more balanced, and her ultimate makes her charged shots pierce only through her enemies.

Was the wait worth it?

With the introduction of the Overwatch 2 beta, a lot of people seemed to make a return to the game. While Sojourn’s kit seems like something that we had seen in other games during the hiatus that Overwatch was experiencing when it came to content updates, it is still quite an exciting addition to the game. The same thing can be said for other new things that Overwatch 2 is going to bring to the table, especially the reworks that aim to improve some of our favorite heroes.

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