Spinola Gaming announces first esports based lottery

Published: Jan 29, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Provider of lottery software, Spinola Gaming, has announced the world’s first esports-based and customisable lotteries. This comes after they gained new partners for distributing the esports lottery system in the Latin American market.

The growing esports market

They are taking advantage of the growing interest in the esports market. In terms of audience, APAC, North America, and Europe are currently the top three esports markets, but one of the fastest-rising regions is Latin America, which is expected to rise to $42m by 2023.

Regions like Latin American and Asia have rapidly expanding esports markets and Spinola Games have also been making in roads in those regions. Betting and gambling operators in the Latin American region as well as esports operators and suppliers are already in talks with the company to integrate their new and updated esports lottery platform for these regions.

Quote from their COO

Thomas Mahoney, COO of Spinola Gaming, wrote in their press release:

“The future of esports is very likely to spill into mobile games, which will reduce barriers of entry, and allow even more games and gamers to come pouring in.

“Although lottery games are seen as one of the oldest types of gaming verticals, and esports is considered one of the newest, we believe that both verticals can work hand in hand to provide the best experience possible for our clients’ players.

“We’ve seen great growth in Latin America from an online lottery perspective, and with all the indications showing esports to grow rapidly there, I’d say Latin America, as a region is one to watch in 2021.”

The new products

Spinola Games are bringing the traditional lottery products into the 21st century by translating them into their digital counterparts. These eSports lottery products are built around integrating global lotteries, custom eSports-based lottery products, digitised scratch cards, along with instant spin and win games, designed around eSports events and tournaments in perspective.

They do not seem to be interested in setting up a lottery system to rival that of any traditional national lottery system. Instead, they have created a software that would allow lottery options to be implemented for one-off esports promotions or for entire seasons to keep players engaged and returning week after week.

This software allows esports operators in Latin America the ability to run their own fully customised jackpot games in the same, or similar formats as the world’s leading lotteries. They have a remarkable amount of customizability, the jackpots available are fixed or progressive, and results are based on third party draws or the lottery supplier’s fully certified RNG.

The lottery and esports betting

It doesn’t seem like this lottery software differs all that much from the traditional lottery offerings. It seems like the major change that Spinola gaming has provided for the esports operators is the ability to link to specific one-off esports events or make sure it can cover a longer running esports series. This may have an impact on third party esports betting sites that rely on interest in the game to drive traffic. If viewers are spending their money with the tournament operators in their lottery system, they may be less likely to visit an esports betting site to wager even more money.

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