Sportsflare partners with HUDstats for a new esports betting widget

Published: Jul 30, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Sportsflare, a Tiidal Gaming subsidiary will partner with esports statistics provider HUDstats to create a new betting widget for CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 as part of their new esports data partnership.

The partnership

So, what does this partnership, and the new widget mean for fans of esports bets? Well, it allows for some fantastic new betting options for esports fans. Right now, the widget will focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

The new widget will allow players to bet on where and how the next important in-game event will happen. This is a major expansion of live betting options for these esports. The amount of data needed to provide the correct esports odds for such specific events makes it clear why Sportsflare partnered with HUDstats.

Players will be able to bet on which team is going to score the next kill, which bomb site will the terrorist players choose for the bomb in Counter-Strike, which tower is getting toppled next in Dota 2 or League of Legends.


The Benefits

The partner organisations hope that the new widget will allow users to make multiple smaller bets over the course of a single esports match rather than one large bet before the game begins. This should be a good thing for the bettors and the esports betting sites. You don’t need to contend with any pre-match CSGO odds, or make the wrong choice about the outright winner of a match. Instead, you will be more invested throughout the whole game. Another major improvement is ebing able to win a bet on a team without them winning the game. Since the widget is contantly updating, you will see results and pay-outs a lot faster.

Comments from the organisations

Max Polaczuk, Founder and CEO of Sportsflare, said:

“We are delighted to work with HUDstats, as we both share the same vision for what esports betting should look like now, and in the future. Our positional betting widget will be the first exemplar of what we can provide when combining our skills and resources.”

Andrei Balanescu, Founder and CEO at HUDstats, added:

“We consider this partnership a huge step forward. Sportsflare’s innovative in-play odds brought just what we needed to complement our unique data visualisation solutions. Together, we will push the boundaries of esports betting.”

Sportsflare and esports

In March of this year Sportsflare announced that they partnered with GameScorekeeper, a leading esports data provider for betting, fantasy sports, and media. Their agreement will see the companies work together on products and distribution of their esports betting technologies.

As part of their agreement, GameScorekeeper will now distribute Sportsflare products like pre-match and in-play esports betting odds feeds, and also the first esports ‘Bet Builder’ solution in the market. This is set to be a major draw for online sportsbooks, as bet builders are hugely popular in traditional sports bets.

It seems like Sportsflare is attempting to bring another wave of innovation to the already very modern esports betting industry.

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