StarLadder Makes its Return to Counter-Strike with New Events in 2025 and Beyond

Published: Apr 2, 2024 - Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

Ukrainian esports tournament organizer and production company StarLadder is returning to Counter-Strike 2 events. The company announced it was officially “back on the road” with the unveiling of four new seasons of its legendary StarSeries on April 1.

Revealed by release, the four seasons of StarSeries will begin in May 2025, and continue through into 2026. Each event will feature 16 teams, and qualifications will be held around the world. The prize pool was not confirmed at the time of writing. The prospective schedule of the the StarSeries events is listed below:

StarLadder StarSeries CS2 event schedule 2025-2026

starladder returns with cs events starseries
Image: StarLadder

In the release, StarLadder briefly explained its reasoning for the return: 

“We consider a significant increase in the number of professional teams as the criterion for entering a new era. A large number of tournaments, with new CS2 licensing rules, should contribute to this.”

The post concluded with a graphic celebrating the 18 past seasons of i-League and StarSeries, naming all the champions.

Formerly one of the most significant tournament organizers in all of esports, StarLadder’s decline coincided with the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The company operated Counter-Strike events since 2012, but has had a more limited involvement after 2020. 

StarLadder still hosted online events and aided with production of CS tournaments, but this new series of tournaments will be its first foray into the world of Counter-Strike 2. Prior to the post on April 1, StarLadder’s website had been idle for almost a year.

StarLadder’s return is just a small part of what appears to be a boom in CS2 esports. With PGL announcing almost a dozen events over the next two years, and the calendar already packed from ESL and BLAST events, the next few years look bright for CS2.

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