Stormgate Esports Roadmap Revealed, Includes Global Champs

Published: Jun 25, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024

Recently, the creators behind one of the most highly anticipated RTS titles ever – Stormgate – opened up regarding the game’s esports scene. It has been a long time coming, and since the game was revealed in full last year, it has been clear that it’s going to play host to a diverse and dedicated esports ecosystem. From smaller regional leagues that offer a build-up to a Global Championship, plenty is in the pipeline for those excited about Stormgate esports.

On August 13, Stormgate is due to enter early access after several months of testing. Following a bedding-in period, the full game is expected to be released in 2025, but Frost Giant – the game’s developer – isn’t waiting around. It has been confirmed that the Stormgate esports scene is set to kick off when the game enters early access next month.

Revitalising RTS

stormgate esports
Image Credit: Frost Giant Studios

Frost Giant Studios has plenty of dedicated developers, and some of them are veterans of titles like StarCraft. That means they’re coming into Stormgate with serious legs in the RTS space – it’s no big secret that Frost Giant wants Stormgate to be the next hottest thing in the esports industry and to dominate the RTS genre from the outset.

With a vibrant narrative, stunning visuals, and a top-tier gameplay loop that simply implores users to stay engaged for hours on end, there are plenty of things to write home about where Stormgate is concerned.

During a recent event to showcase Stormgate, Frost Giant revealed the first plans for the regulated, official Stormgate esports roadmap. To open the game’s ecosystem, Frost Giant has promised to focus quite heavily on grassroots esports, looking to smaller communities and low-tier tournaments to lay a solid foundation and build a following.

Kakao Games – the publisher – might want to go a little bigger, though. As soon as the end of 2024, they’re looking at assembling a global championship tournament for the game.

It’s great news for anyone who has been eagerly watching the game for any signs of Stormgate betting opportunities emerging. This is new ground where the esports betting industry is concerned, but that’s fantastic, as it means everyone starts at the same level and explores the development of this game together.

In 2025, Frost Giant and Kakao will host regional leagues. If this follows a traditional model, we’ll see Europe, North America, South America, APAC, and perhaps EMEA or MENA field teams to compete for cash prizes and trophies.

Could Stormgate be shaping up to be one of the next best esports games to bet on? It’s possible.

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