UK’s First Pro Gamer Sujoy Roy Joins OG as Head of Partnerships

Published: Jun 13, 2024

Esports organization OG has appointed “the UK’s first pro gamer” and former sportsbook and esports betting executive Sujoy Roy as their new head of partnerships. The appointment was announced today via a post on LinkedIn.

In the post, OG highlighted Roy’s accolades, including his contributions into building some of the first esports infrastructure in the UK. The organization expressed their excitement in welcoming the esports veteran to their ranks.

Sujoy Roy earned the moniker of the UK’s first pro gamer after competing in Quake I competitions. In the 2000s, Roy spearheaded the growth of a number of UK esports and gaming venues, including HMV gaming centers, the Omega Sektor in Birmingham and Harrow, and the revival of London’s legendary Trocadero arcade.

sujoy roy new head of partnerships at og esports

OG’s new head of partnerships previously held a couple of roles within esportsbooks. Roy held a role as marketing director and partnership manager at Midnite in 2022, at the time the only UK-licensed esports-dedicated betting operator. In 2018, he acted as Luckbox’s Director of Esports. Luckbox announced the indefinite termination of its B2C business in October 2023.

Commenting on his role with OG on Linkedin, Sujoy Roy had the following to say:

“As a long-time fan of the team, it feels like coming home to join this amazing group of people. I’ll be looking to set ambitious goals for OG Esports”

The new head of partnerships also put out the call for prospective partners to get in touch.

OG is an international esports organization that currently competes in Dota 2, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike 2. Their Dota 2 team are two-time TI-winners, and seven-time Major winners, making them one of the most successful esports organizations of all time. The team is currently gearing up to compete in The International 2024: Western Europe Closed Qualifier for one of just two spots for TI13. OG Esports has been partnered with 1xBet since 2022 to develop high-end content around the betting brand. 

Sujoy Roy profile photo via OG Esports on Linkedin.

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