SumaiL and Iceiceice Join Team Secret

Posted on November 21, 2021

Changes have been made to Team Secret’s new roster. Since Zai and MATUMBAMAN left Team Secret, the team has kept quiet about filling these positions. Secret finally announced that veteran IceIceice and SumaiL are joining the roster. These changes will make the Dota Pro Circuit more competitive as different teams make changes to increase their chances of victory.

Team Secret’s Roster is Complete

Team Secret has named SumaiL as their mid laner for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 season. Nisha has been transitioning to the safe lane, and he will be replaced by SumaiL, who will take over mid. After his role as a hard carry, he finished in the top half of The International 10. The team believes that SumaiL is one of the most legendary and famed core players in the world.

Image Credits | Team Secret

Since losing Zai and MATUMBAMAN, Team Secret has started filling the void that was left behind. Through its multi-part comic series, Secret slowly gave fans more information about the team.

This included an announcement that veteran IceIceice is also joining the roster.

Dota 2 esports will get more exciting as different teams change their rosters to create the perfect couple. Team Secret’s new roster for the 2021-2022 DPC consists of Nisha, SumaiL, IceIceice, YapzOr, and Puppey.

Top Dota 2 Roster Changes So Far

Team Secret’s new roster for the season is finalized. It features a mix of established and young talent and two seasoned veterans who will be looking to continue their success. Teams like Trundra, Liquid, and Empire, also viable contenders, have released their team rosters.

Image Credits | Team Secret

Team Tundra includes Oliver “skiter” Lepko, Leon “Nine” Kirilin, Neta “33” Shapira, Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu, and Adrian “Fata” Trinks. Team Empire includes Alexander “lightless” Potapenko, Vitaly “mannik” Brezgin, Andrii “Ghostik” Kadyk, Sergey “TSA” Timchenko, and Oleh “Kaori” Medvedok. Team Liquid’s current roster also includes Michael “miCKe” Vu, Max “qojqva” Bröcker, Samuel “Boxi” Svahn, Tommy “Taiga” Le, and Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi. It is suspected that IGL: Ludwig “Zai” Wåhlberg will be part of Team Liquid.

With several teams still yet to announce their lineups, this is already becoming one of the most unpredictable tournaments in recent years. It should be excellent competition for Secret as they compete against the best Dota 2 teams. This will indeed affect the results of the DPC 2021-2022 season as players hang on to their favorite teams. These changes will also provide various opportunities for these teams in esports betting.

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