SumaiL and Saksa Leaving OG

Posted on November 11, 2021

OG, who was the first team to achieve the long-awaited two-championship, has announced the departure of players Saksa and SumaiL from their Dota 2 roster on social networks.

This is not the first time OG has decided to make roster changes after The International. Despite not disappointing in level, not getting his three-time championship had a lot of influence on the decision. This article will talk about the release of the Saksa soft support and its Hard Carry SumaiL from one of the best Dota 2 teams.

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Will Ana and JerAx Return?

It isn’t easy for many fans of the two-time champion OG of The International to see the team compete without JerAx and Ana. Both combined so that their game was unpredictable and brutal to counteract and after the departure of both. It seemed a difficult task for the team to replace players who could meet those profiles.

Saksa was probably one of the pleasant surprises within the team; after passing through Ninjas in Pyjamas, he makes the great leap to OG to replace none other than JerAx, considered one of the best pos 4 in Dota 2 history. SumaiL fulfilled all the characteristics to be the ideal player; he already knew what it was like to be a champion of The International after raising the Aegis with Evil Geniuses in 2015.

In addition, SumaiL already knew the team for their brief passage in 2019, where he replaced Ana precisely. However, this latest addition to the team was perhaps more of an “emergency” than because OG needed the player. Therefore, after not achieving the objective, it was very likely that the players who were not part of that two-time championship would leave the team.

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What’s Next For OG

What is coming for OG is still quite uncertain; with the next DPC to be played at the end of November and with a reasonably limited transfer market, the team seems to have few options of competing for the top positions in a future The International. For true OG fans, a return of that roster composed of Ana, Topson, Ceb, JerAx, and N0tail will always be sought; however, that possibility has already become more than an excellent memory for all Dota 2 fans.

Something that can excite true lovers of good competitive Dota is perhaps the possible return of JerAx to competitions. A few days ago, the player changed the cover photo he had on Twitter with OG, which could mean he may return to compete for another team. What awaits for OG now is also to supply the retirement of its Offlaner, Ceb. Ceb decided to retire as a player, and the likely next step is to take a coaching position.

Today there are very few Hard Carries at the same level as OG, there is a possibility of the return of Miracle to the team, but his transfer value would be priced very high, so his return would be complicated. Another surprising player was Skiter, who almost snatched the last European slot from OG after falling 3-2. In just a couple of weeks, OG will have to keep an eye on his next signings. I expect OG to perform at a high level in upcoming Dota 2 esports tournaments.

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