Super League Gaming Welcomes Logitech G As Official Partner

Published: Apr 10, 2018 - Last Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Logitech G announced this week that it’s becoming the official partner for amateur esports organizer Super League Gaming. The collaboration will have Logitech G support in tournament prizes and help develop original content for the league.


Emphasizing amateur and grassroots development


When it comes to League organizers in the esports industry, Super League Gaming definitely stands out from the rest. Unlike most other entities that focus on the professional scene, SLG is emphasizing and focusing on amateur and grassroots development in the community. Starting in 2014 by bringing Minecraft events to movie theaters, the company has since moved to popular titles like League of Legends. Logitech G now aims to support the organization on their future path.


“At its core, gaming is all about play – whether you’re a top esports pro or a child discovering the joy of games for the first time,” said Logitech Gaming VP and GM Ujesh Desai. “We’ve been so impressed with Super League’s work to create respectful gaming environments. It’s vital to the industry, and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership.  We both have a common goal of supporting creativity and inclusion among gamers and esports pros, and we’re dedicated to turning the tide and removing toxicity from gaming.”


With backing of a major class company like Logitech G, the league receives additional resources for propelling its business model forward. Support in tournament prize initiative and content creation should enable the organization to expand its amateur and grassroots scene in multiple areas.


“Logitech G’s commitment to providing best-in-class PC and console gear aligns with Super League Gaming’s mission to deliver the preeminent competitive community experience for gamers,” said Super League Gaming CEO Ann Hand. “Our organization embodies a diverse set of gaming talent where teamwork, friendship, and inclusivity are key tenets of our philosophy. With esports’ rapid growth, we’re confident this partnership will broaden our scope of talent and allow us to foster player diversity for the next generation of gaming professionals.”


Successful partner acquisition


Super League Gaming has been on a successful track in attracting the necessary partners since its inception in 2015. Last year, the company raised $15 million to further develop its amateur and grassroots initiative in the esports scene. City Champs, a League of Legends tournament series that takes place in various cities around the U.S. currently has 16 participating teams. While the area of amateur esports might still lack development compared to the pro scene, but the interest from community members is starting to show. Logitech G joining the movement is definitely a very positive sign that might spill over to other big-name companies.


Logitech G and esports


The leading gaming gear company in the industry has been showing an increased amount of interest for the world of esports recently. In November last year, the company has joined forces with Spanish esports organization G2 Esports. The partnership resulted in all G2 teams competing with Logitech’s gear, further expanding the company’s presence in the scene.


Furthermore, Logitech G also stepped together with two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso to put together an elite racing team. It was a major push by the hardware company to strengthen its name in the industry.


It’s no doubt that we’ll see more partnerships like these being forged in the future, where Logitech makes sure that its brand becomes as recognizable as possible. A great result of such initiatives is possibilities of further development of esports, which will definitely benefit all members.

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