SuperData Lauches Viewership Reporting Tool To Help Measure ROI

Published: Oct 28, 2018 - Last Updated: Oct 4, 2022

This month, market research firm SuperData unveiled a new tool to help games publishers, brands, and sponsors better track ROI in the industry. Users can now use the SuperData Arena dashboard to extract in-depth metrics. These include hours watched, hours streamed, and peak concurrent viewers.

A holistic view of content consumption

With the new tool, SuperData wants to give its users a better understanding of content value and reach. Drawing on various Twitch and YouTube viewership numbers, parties can measure, through in-depth metrics, the dynamics of different esports titles, teams, and streamers.

“Watching games online has quickly become one of the most popular forms of interactive entertainment with many games video titles and esports events now generating audiences that rival traditional media content,” said SuperData co-founder Joost van Dreunen. “The new SuperData Arena dashboard offers brands and publishers the ability to have a combined view of gaming video streaming data metrics with game sales data. It provides a holistic view of how players and fans are consuming and engaging with streaming content across the world’s most popular channels and platforms.”

The platform also includes a so-called Influencer Value Index, which helps calculate the return on investment by tracking content retention, engagement, magnitude, and overall value. Clients can also make use of the platforms interactive dashboards and reports to get tailored insights on audiences. This is done with the help of easy-to-visualize data that includes features like demographic information and purchase intent.

Easily accessible statistics don’t always mean quality

Talking to The Esports Observer, Sam Barberie, SuperData VP of Business Development & Product, also recently shared some additional insights on using viewership metrics for explanatory purposes. He pointed out how having easy access to those statistics doesn’t always translate into a completely accurate story. In order to gain valuable insights, he says, more pieces of the puzzle need to be put together.

“We’re not only making sure that people really understand the magnitude and the ceiling of the market and things like that, but we’re also trying to build these proprietary algorithms that let us combine metrics to give a value index for what this all means,” he told The Esports Observer.

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Barberie said that the new SuperData tool could also be of use to individual teams and influencers looking to sell their content. It would give these users more and better information on how to sell what they are creating.

The new tool should also make it easier for interested parties to see the main value streams in various market situations. Giving them a go-to place to find the information on how sponsorships and other collaborations pan out, non-endemic brands will have more resources to operate with when deciding whether to enter the industry.

SuperData painting the industry’s portrait

With the Arena newly in its repertoire, SuperData, which was recently acquired by Nielsen, is expanding in its quest to conquer esports.

Showing how content and audience monetization dynamics work should further open up the market for various companies. This coupled with consistent high-quality analyses on various aspects of the market helps paint the industry’s overall picture.

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