T1 Achieves LCK First-ever Perfect Spring Split Record

Published: Mar 21, 2022

Following their win against DRX in their last series of the LCK 2022 Spring Split, T1 ends their regular split with a phenomenal 18-0 record. This is the first time in LCK history that a team has achieved a perfect regular split, marking an important milestone in the game and the organization’s esports history.

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T1 is Undefeated in the LCK 2022 Spring Split

T1 rewrote LCK history by going undefeated throughout the whole spring split. Their performance had already broken their own past record of most consecutive LCK wins in a split when the organization won their 15th series. Now that they beat DRX in their last series, T1 made it to 18 consecutive wins and an insane 84% win rate, with a 36-7 record in terms of games played.

T1 are looking ready for the Spring Playoffs, as they are the favorites to win the championship and look to assert their dominance at the international tournament at the Mid-Season Invitational.

T1’s secret to success

Following the end of the 2021 Worlds Championship, T1 made the bold decision to release most of the academy and substitute players to other organizations. The team was known for using a 10-man roster with all capable players in order to adapt their lineup based on the players’ performances and the current league meta.

After sticking with the same roster for the majority of the year, T1 came to the conclusion that the strategy would not work anymore. As a result, they only retained the starters at Worlds, aside from Canna, who later joined Nongshim RedForce. To replace him, T1 decided to stick to the young rookie Zeus, who didn’t have much stage experience in 2021.

What is really impressive about the roster is the average age of the players without considering Faker. All of them are extremely young and have still a long career ahead of them. In one way or the other, they are the symbol of the new generations of players.

Despite their decent showing at Worlds, fans were still worried that T1’s roster was still a little too immature and not ready for 2022. Well, Faker and the legendary Korean organization proved most people wrong.

T1 started off the season strong, showcasing impressive performances by all players and displaying insane macro knowledge in-game. Despite not having super optimal drafts occasionally, they were able to take victories by sheer talent. Both Zeus and Oner, the new “younger” players on the roster, convinced fans with consistent performances.

However, the real deals in the T1 lineup are without a doubt the bot lane duo. Gumayusi’s laning and teamfights are exceptional, while Keria is even more insane with his playmaking and perfect executions. Fans were so astonished to the point of considering T1’s bot lane currently the best in the world.

With this much going for T1, Faker is just the icing of the cake. He’s still one of the best mid laners in the LCK, but what he brings to the table is much more than just his talent. His experience and leadership are what make him truly shine in this team, with his four juniors constantly looking up to the greatest of all time (GOAT).

Aside from the performances, T1 made an extraordinary job as an organization to protect its players from Covid-19. Throughout the LCK 2022 Spring Split, we saw many different teams having to play with substitute and second-tier players due to the starters becoming positive to the virus. With how LCK’s Covid-19 policy worked, positive players could not attend the matches. Regarding this issue, T1 did not encounter any type of inconveniences, as all players were never found positive during the split.

Now that policies have changed for LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs, players with Covid-19 will be able to compete remotely, so even if T1’s players do become positive, they should still be able to attend the series regularly.

T1’s success in 2022 is something that will go down in history as one of the most dominating splits in the LCK. While Playoffs have not started yet, the general sentiment is that T1 will win the tournament. Based on how LCK performed last year and how consistent T1 is right now, we might see Faker and T1 become 4-time World Champions.

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