T1 Complete Their Valorant Roster

Published: Jan 11, 2022

T1 have made some sudden moves in the last two days, signing Johann “seven” Hernandez who parted ways with 100 Thieves and also acquiring Josh “pwny” VanGorder. To make room for the two new members, T1 released autimatic and Skadoodle.

But the biggest move T1 made was back in early December when they picked up the ex-100 Thieves Joshua “steel” Nissan. Steel was one of the most wanted players in Valorant esports and many were trying to get a hold of him, but T1 ended up signing him first.

The organisation is now ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the second season of Valorant Champions Tour. Their previous VCT run was rather mediocre, so hopefully we’ll see the true T1 potential in 2022.

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The Team

While some view T1’s current lineup as a bit weak, others see massive potential in it. And there’s a good reason for that.

Steel is the team’s in-game leader, which is a role that suits him perfectly given his vast experience in Valorant esports, as well as the knowledge he carries from his old days in CS:GO.

He’s an excellent sentinel player, mainly playing Killjoy and Cypher, both of whom add a ton of vision and control for his team. This also allows him to survey the battlefield and lead his team from a safe position.

The rest of the squad is quite young, but they’re hungry for success and willing to learn and adapt. Even if their first matches don’t turn out to be flawless victories, these guys will put in the hours to improve and come out stronger next time.

Overall, we have high hopes for this lineup and we’re excited to see what results they’ll show in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour season.

Seven Finds a New Home

Just recently, we covered Seven’s departure from 100 Thieves and discussed his tweet where he mentioned an announcement he was planning to reveal shortly after. Of course, we now know that he joined T1.

While he had no opportunities to show his true skill in 100 Thieves and was a substitute for the entire time, he’ll definitely have the opportunity now with T1.

Since he’s a duelist, he’ll probably main Jett for T1. Phoenix and Raze are also viable options when the team needs to switch things around a bit. But pwny is also a duelist who mains the same agents, so we’re not sure yet how T1 is going to sort this out.

In any case, the two players will be a deadly duo that could turn the NA region completely upside down if they’re successful. The rest of the team is very control-heavy, which will make pwny and seven’s task a bit easier.

Skadoodle and Autimatic Leaving

Skadoodle and Autimatic have parted ways with T1 and are now free agents. But given how there’s less than a month before the VCT season starts and nearly every NA team is looking for new players, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding new spots.

T1 released both players and left the following messages on their official Twitter:

All great things must come to an end. Thank you as well, Ska, for your time here at T1. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for you.

We’d like to thank autimaticTV for his time here at T1. We appreciate your contributions to the T1VALORANT squad. Cheers to your future endeavors!

We’re waiting to hear more news about Skadoodle, but we already know Autimatic joined the Prodigy Agency, which should speed up the process of him signing with a new team. We wish both players the best of luck and we hope to see more from them in Valorant esports.

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