T1 continues its Winning Streak in LCK 2022 Spring

Published: Jan 31, 2022

T1 reverse swept to beat DWG Kia 2-1 in their Week 3 match, continuing its winning streak in the LCK 2022 Spring Split. As of right now, the legendary Korean organization is the only team with no losses on the scoreboards, with a total of a 6-0 record.

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T1 beat DK in their first head-to-head of the LCK 2022 Spring Split

Coming into the series, fans were going to expect a very close battle between two of the strongest contenders for the LCK title. On one side, DK is still adapting to the three new players the organization brought in for this season. While deokdam and Kellin have been doing fine, DK’s biggest issues have been around the top lane position: Hoya and Burdol have been sharing stage time throughout these weeks. In the series against T1, it was Burdol’s turn to show his worth.

On the other side, instead, T1 has been finding a lot of success, with a roster full of youngsters led by the iconic mid laner Faker. Despite some individual mistakes against ShowMaker, Faker’s leadership and experience are what make him one of the most important elements of the T1 roster.

Game 1

The series started off immediately with a back and forth 55-minute game, as the two teams showed a very similar level of play. Both were extremely careful on respecting the enemy, focusing more on trading objectives on the map rather than straight-up looking for the punishment. T1 was able to deny an Infernal Soul for DK thanks to a teamfight and got back into the game thanks to the Baron Nashor.

With that being said, however, DK abused its siege and range advantage thanks to the Caitlyn-Lux duo. DK was always in the better position around objectives, as they picked up two Barons and two Elder Dragons. The last dragon, in particular, turned out into a teamfight and Canyon managed to steal the neutral objective to close out game 1. This match is the longest single game so far in the LCK, 20 minutes above the average game duration. (35:05)

Game 2

Despite the loss in the first game, T1 showed up with confidence in the second game. Faker was able to get the resources thanks to the excellent performances by Oner and Keria. In particular, Keria was the shining star of the second game, on his iconic Thresh. His hooks and insane map presence earned him the first POG of the Spring Split.

Starting from the early game, T1 was in control of the pace of the match, picking up all the objectives on the map. DK was nowhere to be seen the whole game, and they could only endure T1’s pressure. Following a Baron pickup and T1’s carries all “online” with their items spikes, the team quickly obliterated the enemies in a fight to take the series to Game 3.

Game 3

The deciding match of the series started rough for Oner, who got his red stolen by Canyon on Gwen and gave First blood to the enemy jungler. Not only that, but Faker on Leblanc played with fire too much, as he got killed by ShowMaker’s Renekton early on.

While it looked like the game was going in DK’s favor, the 2020 Worlds Champions made a fatal mistake following a Baron pickup. When sieging the enemy base, T1 found a very good flank and punished their over aggression.

By abusing the longer range of Caitlyn (and Jayce/Karma) that DK used in Game 1, T1’s team comp revolved around poking the enemies and finding strong flanks with the Leblanc. In the following Baron fight, T1 was able to successfully kill Canyon and the rest of the team to secure the objective.

With the buff, T1 broke into the enemy base through the bot lane. DK looked for a desperate attempt to get back into the game, but that failed hard. In less than 34 minutes, T1 not only came back in the game but also successfully reverse swept DK.

Following this victory, T1 is the only team in the tournament with no losses in the standings. Will they continue their domination next week when they will face 2nd place and potential contender Gen.G Esports? Who will prevail between Faker and Chovy? Make sure to tune in on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022, to find out!

If you want to see more LCK action, the Spring Split Week 4 will start on Feb. 9, as T1 will be first taking on Hanwha Life Esports.

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