EWC LoL: T1 vs Top Esports Prediction – LoL Grand Final Betting Preview

Published: Jul 7, 2024

The final day of the inaugural Esports World Cup League of Legends event is upon us. The grand final will see two Eastern heavyweights T1 and Top Esports battle for the $400,000 winner’s prize money while looking to become the EWC’s first-ever LoL champions.

Korean legends T1 had to first take down Bilibili Gaming in their quarter-finals opener and then overcame NA’s Team Liquid in the semis in what was an unexpectedly tough clash to get to this point. On the other side of the Rift, Top stunned the LoLesports community by knocking out MSI holders and EWC favorites Gen.G in their first matchup and followed that up with a clean victory over Europe’s G2 Esports.

T1 vs Top Esports EWC
Credit: EWC

T1 vs TES – Key Players

For T1, it’s no surprise that their biggest influence will — as always — come from Faker in the mid-lane. His shots will dictate the game’s direction for the Korean outfit and his presence will get the best out of his teammates.

Support Keria has proven himself as one of the world’s best players in recent years and has almost single-handedly crafted the global meta at times. His performance alongside bot lane partner Gumayusi will be crucial for T1, especially given who they’re up matched up against.

That would be JackeyLove. The Chinese ADC has had plenty of critics during a few years of hit-and-miss form, but more recently he’s found the ability to consistently perform at his freakish standards. His 10/2/8 finish during game two of Top’s G2 win was a statement for Gumayusi, whose own inconsistencies are yet to be ironed out.

Top laner 369 is another that strikes fear into his opponents, rivalled by T1’s Zeus in the argument for the world’s best top. Jungler Tian is also a key player for the side, having finally regained the form that saw him win LoL Worlds with FunPlus Phoenix way back in 2019.

Top Esports have better odds over T1

According to GG.BET, Top Esports are currently favourites to take the series, unsurprising given they knocked out prior favourites Gen.G and are yet to drop a single map over their best-of-three series so far. They enter the best-of-five grand final with odds of 1.59, while T1 trails with odds of 2.25. It’s worth noting that the fierce support of T1’s legions of fans often skew their odds as bookies shorten them after floods of bets.

This means that — without such an effect — the disparity between the odds of the finalists could be even greater.

T1 vs Top Esports Match Predictions

Despite Top understandably being the favourite on paper, the mystique of T1 is always hard to ignore. They’re the most decorated organisation in League of Legends history and with Faker at the helm you can never know when they’ll suddenly find a way to win. That’s exactly what happened at last year’s World Championship where they emerged victorious after being labelled chokers for years. MSI then went flat – this hot-and-cold success has become the norm and makes predictions incredibly volatile.

While my head says Top, my heart is winning out on this occasion and forcing me to back T1. The difficulty in the prediction means I’m also going for a 3-2 scoreline, the safest bet when one can easily see the series veering in either direction. GG.BET currently gives odds of 5.0 for an exact 3-2 T1 victory.

Prediction: T1 3-2 Top Esports | x5.43 @ GG.BET

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