T1 vs Weibo: Community Predictions

Published: Nov 18, 2023

The esports world will come to a standstill on Sunday, Nov. 19 when three-time winners T1 take on LPL hopefuls Weibo Gaming in the final of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. The pinnacle of the LoL esports calendar, the final grants its winner a place in the history books as well as a significant chunk of change for their efforts.

Both T1 and Weibo have made it to LoL Worlds as underdogs, neither among the initial favourites and both having caused upsets in their respective semi-final clashes to book their grand final places. Despite that, T1 enter as favourites for this specific tie and have been tipped by most to hoist the Summoner’s Cup once again.

weibo vs t1 community predictions

The fan vote through the official Worlds Pick’ems currently sits heavily in T1’s favour with 91% of the vote. Though still an indication that many expect them to win, this vote can be taken with a pinch of salt given T1’s immense fan popularity. Their semi-final clash with JD Gaming, where the latter were huge favourites, still saw T1 miles ahead in the fan vote with 78% of picks.

LoL’s Pick’ems also gives an insight into the thoughts of some of the scene’s well-known figures through its celebrity section. Here, unsurprisingly, many are also on T1’s side.

Those favouring the Koreans include former G2 and current Team Heretics jungler Jankos, former TSM and SK Gaming support Treatz and caster-turned-balance team member Phreak. On the other side, LPL colour caster Hysterics represents a rare breed of Weibo voters, though his casting allegiances may well be playing a large part in his belief in the Chinese outfit.

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On a live stream with fellow casters Azeal, Atlus and Munchables, Hysterics later clarified that he specifically expects a Weibo 3-2 victory.

Munchables — also an LPL regular — agreed on the scoreline, while Atlus and Azael — who will both be commentating on the grand final — predicted a 3-0 victory for T1.

The T1 3-0 was also guessed by former LCK caster MonteCristo on the Power Spike. His co-hosts IWDominate and dGon also went for T1 victories, though they weren’t so bold so as to guess the exact scoreline.

Finally, EsportsBets’ own Jasper Wu is another giving T1 the nod, expecting a 3-2 victory for the Koreans which will see Faker lift the Summoner’s Cup on home soil for the very first time.

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