TCL 2022 Summer Week 4: Betting Tips and Analysis

Posted on June 28, 2022 - Last Updated on July 18, 2023

It’s week four of the Turkish professional League of Legends league, TCL 2022 Summer. In this week’s matches that will affect the mid-table of the league, we will start with the battle between Galakticos and Fenerbahce. Let’s take a look at the schedule and predictions for the first day of the week.

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Galakticos vs Fenerbahce

Predictions: Galakticos to win

Odds: 1.25

Betting Site: Odds provided by

When: July 2, 2022 – 13:00 CEST

In the opening match of the fourth week of TCL 2022 Summer, Fenerbahce will face Galakticos. Things are not going well for Fenerbahce. Having played six games so far, the team has lost all of them heavily and it doesn’t look like things will improve anytime soon.

Before the start of the season, Galakticos didn’t look like one of the best teams in the league. The squad they built had its own strengths and weaknesses. These two extremes have become somewhat evident in the games they have played so far. They are not perfect enough to win the league, but they are good enough to beat the mid-table teams of the league.

As such, it’s not too difficult to make a choice. Galakticos are the heavy favorite in this match.

Team AURORA vs Dark Passage

Predictions: Dark Passage to win

League of Legends Odds: 1.3

Betting Site: Odds provided by

When: July 2, 2022 – 14:00 CEST

Dark Passage have managed to build one of the most potential teams in recent times this season. Entrusting their solo laners to Koreans, the team has an experienced support as well as talented young players. They reaped the fruits of such a well-structured team with 5 wins in the first three weeks.

Aurora, on the other hand, have not fully found itself. The team won 3 out of the 6 matches they played and did not play the perfect game in the matches they won. On the other hand, the games they lost weren’t against the best teams in the league.

Considering the performances, it is not hard to say that Dark Passage are closer to victory.

NASR eSports Turkey vs 5 Ronin

League of Legends PredictionsNASR to win

Odds: 1.04

Betting Site: Odds provided by

When: July 2, 2022 – 15:00 CEST

We are facing the most one-sided match of the week, perhaps of the season. After failing to find the success they wanted in the past seasons, NASR have finally made a perfect start to TCL 2022 Summer. With a huge gap in quality between them and the rest of the TCL 2022 teams, NASR continue to lead the league undefeated.

Image Credits | NASR Esports

5 Ronin, on the other hand, are a complete disappointment. The organization, which has fallen on hard times economically, wasn’t able to build a good roster. They recruited unknown and inexperienced names of the scene and started the season very badly. They lost all 6 of the 6 matches they played. In addition to that, they didn’t even come close to winning any match.

Barring a miracle, NASR will win the match comfortably.

SuperMassive Blaze vs fastPay Wildcats

Predictions: fastPay Wildcats to win

Odds: 1.24

Betting Site: Odds provided by Esports

When: July 2, 2022 – 16:00 CEST

FastPay Wildcats will open the tough week against SuperMassive Blaze. The defending champions, who suffered their first loss against NASR last week, need to win this match to prevent their opponent from catching up. 

The Wildcats, who have managed to keep all the players in their roster for a very long time, started this season well with the same roster. The only difference this season is that they have an opponent, NASR, that can stand up to them. We know that in the past seasons Wildcats have lost some games by not caring too much, but this season they have a real opponent and they have to win all the games they can.

TCL 2022 Summer Week 4: Betting Tips and Analysis
Image Credits | SuperMassive Blaze

SuperMassive Blaze, on the other hand, are off to an average start. The team, which has talented names in its roster, has problems with continuity. Their opponent is a team that can make good use of these problems, hence fastPay Wildcats are one step ahead.

Galatasaray Esports vs Besiktas

Predictions: Galatasaray Esports to win

Odds: 1.4

Betting Site: Odds provided by

When: July 2, 2022 – 17:00 CEST

Two teams at the bottom of the league will be battling each other to avoid missing the playoffs altogether. Both teams have only two wins in 6 games and are currently out of the playoff race.

On paper, Galatasaray Esports look much better. Especially considering their performance last season and the quality of their current roster, this team should not be in this position. However, it’s not too late for everything. They can make a breakthrough by beating Besiktas.

On the Besiktas side, the situation is a bit more pessimistic. They didn’t show any presence in the games they lost and looked helpless. In addition, it is very difficult for them to win this match.

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