Team Envy Part Ways With MummAy

Published: Oct 27, 2021

Team Envy were one of the biggest surprises in the final VCT Masters event in Berlin. They cleaned the group stage without losing a single map and managed to score a runner-up spot right behind Gambit Esports.

Since then, they’ve been preparing for the final Valorant Champions Tour event, the Valorant Champions, that’s scheduled for December this year. Their first major roster change was the departure of Mikes and then signing Chet as their newest coach. They’re now parting ways with mummAy and swapping in Marved, who has been on loan since late June.

Marved might finally secure a more permanent spot in the team, but there’s also the possibility that Envy has someone else in mind to replace mummAy.

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Will Team Envy Overtake Sentinels

Right now, Sentinels are still viewed as the best Valorant team in North America. They dominated the large majority of the Valorant Champions Tour and were seen as an unstoppable force – that is until VCT Masters in Berlin where we first saw them slip up.

Despite losing steam right at the end of the event, they are still the top grossing Valorant team in the world and boast one of the best lineups in Valorant.

However, Team Envy seems to be gaining ground. They were never a bad team by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Envy was consistently in the top during every tournament in VCT so far. It is just that Sentinels gained all the spotlight and overshadowed the rest of the NA squads.

In Berlin, Envy completely dominated Sentinels and finished the series with a 2-0 score. This came as a complete shock for Sentinels since they assumed Envy to be an easier matchup. As we now know, that turned out to be completely false.

The two teams will be competing in the Valorant Champions, and there’s a good possibility that both of them will cross paths once again. It would be the perfect occasion to settle the score once and for all, and to determine who’s the best NA Valorant team.

MummAy is Out

MummAy has been released from his contract after being in Team Envy for more than a year. He was a part of the original Team Envy lineup, but the time has come for him to finally move on.

For the past few months, mummAy has been watching his team from the bench. He was replaced by yay and missed some of the most important moments in Valorant Champions Tour. If there’s a silver lining in this situation, it is the fact that mummAy will at least be able to actively compete once he finds a new team.

Many teams will be re-working their lineups in preparation for 2022, so he should have a lot of opportunities ahead of him. There’s a good chance he’ll join Andbox since he’s been playing with them recently, but there’s still no official confirmation.

He should announce his new plans soon, so we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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