Team Heretics Bench Amilwa

Published: Sep 23, 2021

Team Heretics have decided to bench Amine “Amilwa” Saidi just two months after signing him. The organisation is once again left with an incomplete roster and they’ll need a quick replacement.

Amilwa joined as a substitute for Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks who had to take a brief leave due to some health-related issues. Does this mean ardiis will be returning to reclaim his spot as the main duelist for the team, or will Heretics be looking for other options?

What happened to Heretics?

Image Credits | Team Heretics

Heretics was an incredibly strong team at the start of the year, right at the beginning of Valorant Champions Tour. They came in strong and took the runner-up spot in the first European VCT Masters event. Prior to that, they won the First Strike tournament, which was the first serious event in Valorant at that point.

So why haven’t we seen them around lately? Well, it’s no secret that Heretics aren’t the team they once used to be. And there could be a million reasons for this.

After VCT Stage 1, they simply disappeared. They emerged once again in Stage 3, but couldn’t go further than the VCT Stage 3: Challengers 2 qualifiers. At the same time, other European Valorant teams started rising in prominence and Heretics were slowly forgotten.

The most recent event they participated in was the LVP – Rising Series #3, where they were swiftly eliminated during the Spanish qualifiers. It looks like they’re stuck and can’t seem to find a way out. Benching Amilwa might provide the organisation with new options, but it’s questionable whether this move alone will be enough to revive the team.

The Return of Ardiis

Image Credits | Amilwa

Ardiis is still a part of the Heretics esports organisation, but he’s currently inactive. Usually, when it comes to these situations, the player in question eventually ends up leaving for a different team. However, considering that ardiis was benched due to some health issues, it’s a different story.

There’s a real possibility that he’ll be returning to the team, especially now when they’re in dire need for reinforcements to get them out of the current state they’re in. But these are all speculations at this point.

Amilwa is a Free Agent

Although Amilwa has been benched, he’s still technically a part of Team Heretics. They’ve given him the freedom to explore his other options and he’s now looking for a new home.

In his Twitter post, he stated the following:

“I’m still under contract but Heretics have allowed me to explore other options, wish them the best we had fun in the small time we had and I know some of the players are gonna be big in the future.”

He plays a lot of agents and can be an IGL, which is a lot of versatility for one player. With his skillset, he shouldn’t have any problems finding another team. Whether he’ll play as Sova or an entirely different role, still remains to be seen.

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