Team Liquid Announces Epic Collaboration With Fortnite

Published: Jun 22, 2022

One of the biggest names in esports gaming, Team Liquid, has announced that it has agreed to partner with Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale game Fortnite.

Part of the deal will see both companies work together to create their own art and a variety of apparel and Team Liquid’s esports players will be involved in the design process for this bespoke clothing collection.

Fans of Fortnite are also in for a treat with Team Liquid putting their name to a new Creative Mode map in the game, while both will also work together on a variety of items and experiences to use on the Twitch platform.

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Second Apparel And Merchandising Deal For Team Liquid

This new deal with one of the biggest names in esports Battle Royale gaming is not the first time Team Liquid has worked with another company on clothing and merchandise.

Back in 2021, they also struck a deal with the anime creator Naruto Shippuden to develop a range of similar items.

A promotional video showcasing some of the apparel to have been designed, along with a preview of the specially designed Fortnite map, which will go live on the 24th June, has been met with very positive comments from a number of fans who have followed the Team Liquid account.

That follows a trend in esports where these limited edition drops, with items often designed by some of the best Fortnite players from teams (or similar esports titles) prove to be hugely popular with the fanbase.

One fan, called Omi, has already Tweeted a suggestion that “A TL [Team Liquid] Fortnite skin would be amazing

Many others have also commented on the apparel with the different character T-shirts featuring some of the most popular characters from the game proving to be very popular with fans.

So much so that when the project does go live on the 24th, it looks like there is going to be a rush to purchase some of the different apparel items available.

CBDO of Team Liquid, Mike Milanov revealed that Team Liquid had been working with Fortnite for over two years on the project and that they were the first esports organisation to ‘explore apparel’ with the game.

Mr Milanov also explained more about the project:

This will launch globally across three continents, includes a Creative Mode map featuring our six athletes and six horse manes in our logo with individualized mini games which will show up on Twitch across owned and operated broadcasts along with awarding scores!

Good Timing For Epic Games

The deal comes at a perfect time for Epic Games, who will benefit from the partnership and its exposure just a short period after announcing their first Fortnite LAN event since 2019.

The FNCS Invitational 2022 is separate from the main Fortnite Championship Series circuit, but still falls under that brand.

Given the timing of this announcement, it will be interesting to see whether any Team Liquid players are selected as part of a duo for this $1,000,000 prize pool tournament.

The countdown is on to the launch of the collaboration and it is going to be interesting to see how long these items are in stock, before they sell out.

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