Team Liquid Hosting WoW Race to World First

Published: Mar 3, 2022

When we talk about World of Warcraft esports, there’s two things that immediately come to mind – the WoW Mythic Invitational and the WoW World First race of each new raid tier.

Today we’ll talk about the newest WoW race to World First that takes place in the new WoW: Shadowlands raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones. This is the third raid tier of the current Shadowlands expansion and it features 11 bosses in total, including the big bad guy of the expansion, The Jailer.

The Mythic version of the raid will open on March 8th, which is when the best WoW guilds will start the race to the finish line. One of the biggest WoW guilds competing here, Team Liquid, will be broadcasting the event live. This will include 11 official casters and 16+ hour daily streams!

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What is the World First Race?

In a nutshell, the WoW World First race is a race between guilds to see which guild will be the first to take down the last boss of the new raid. And since raiding is the top activity in World of Warcraft, many of the WoW fans usually tune in and watch the guilds progressing the content live on streams.

While these World First races did involve Blizzard in some capacity in the past, they were always largely community-oriented. The players of the guilds competing would stream their boss attempts on Twitch and thousands would gather to watch them.

The winners of the World First race mainly get the bragging rights, but also plenty of other opportunities that include things like lucrative sponsorships. That’s why this event gets so much hype, and why it’s so interesting to follow.

Who are the Best WoW Guilds?

In the past, Method used to be the top dog guild in WoW, but nowadays they’re situated somewhere in the middle. They lost a lot of the old members and their overall image has been tarnished over the years due to some incidents that came to light. Regardless, they’re still going strong and have been competing actively.

Team Liquid, or formerly known as Limit, are the new kings of WoW raiding and currently hold the first spot on all the lists. Following them closely are several EU guilds such as Pieces, Echo, and FatSharkYes. There’s also the dangerous Exorsus from Russia.

Liquid Guild takes raiding to a whole different level. The way they approach the game is much more serious than your run-of-the-mill guild. They are highly organised and boast some of the best raiders out there. And watching them pull off boss kills and implement crazy strategies is always exhilarating to watch.

While these races are never set in stone, you’d be smart to bet on Liquid Guild this year as they’re the prime candidates to finish this race at the top.

How to Watch the World First Race?

Like we already mentioned, the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid will open on March 8th. Team Liquid’s members will stream the race live on Twitch, but there will also be an official stream where the majority of the action will be broadcast.

Of course, Liquid is not the only guild streaming this race, and you’ll find plenty of other WoW guilds live during this week. You can jump from one to another and see which one’s doing better.

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