Team Vitality Pens Data Partnership with Abios to Enhance Fan Experience

Published: Apr 30, 2024 - Last Updated: May 7, 2024

European esports organization Team Vitality has announced a partnership with data provider Abios as part of an initiative to enhance fan experience. News of the deal was revealed in posts on social media and by release on April 30.

The announcement revealed that the partnership with Abios would ‘fuel’ Team Vitality’s existing fan engagement app, V.Hive, launched in May 2023, with new esports data. With data from Abios, fans of one of the top CS2 teams will have access to predictions and matchups from titles such as League of Legends, Starcraft ll, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, EA Sports FC, and VALORANT.

Team Vitality enters partnership with Abios
Image: Abios

In what was described as a “long-term deal” Abios data will allow V.Hive users to earn points by successfully predicting how Team Vitality will perform. These points will feed into a leader board, with the highest scorers winning prizes, merchandise, and “money-can’t-buy experiences with professional players.”

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, CEO and founder of Abios weighed in on the partnership:

“Team Vitality is one of the oldest and most prestigious esports teams in Europe, and we’re proud to be able to supply them with top-tier esports data.”

“With high-performing rosters across many esports disciplines, Team Vitality has millions of fans all over the world. It is fantastic to see their dedication to their fans and how they bring added value to their followers, and we are excited to power Team Vitality with our extensive data and help them to deliver the next generation of esports fan experiences.” – Abios’ founder on the new Vitality partnership

Abios is a Stockholm-based esports data company that looks to provide services for esports projects and start-ups. The company provides historical and live data from multiple exports titles to sportsbooks, search engines, esports teams, and others.

Esports data providers have become a core part of the esports ecosystem in recent years as teams increasingly take more advanced and analytical approaches to their content, performance, and initiatives. Abios is one of the market leaders in an growing and competitive sector.

Team Vitality is a French esports club based in Paris. Founded by Fabien “Neo” Devide and Nicolas Maurer, the club celebrated a decade in esports last year, and has become a leader within European esports. The team competes in seven different titles including League of Legends, CS2, Valorant, FIFA, Rocket League, Call of Duty Mobile, and StarCraft II.

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