Team Vitality Finalizes Valorant Roster

Published: Mar 29, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The French organisation Team Vitality has finally completed their Valorant roster by signing Jesse “JESMUND” Terävä and Théo “LoWKii” Téchené. The two players will fill the vacant spots left by M4CHINA and feqew, who were removed from the active roster back on March 21st. JESMUND brings a much-needed Sentinel role into the mix, and LoWKii paired with vakk will bolster the team’s offensive capabilities as they’ll now be able to run double Duelist comps.

What does this mean for team Vitality?

These new roster changes will bring a lot of flexibility to the team.

First of all, JESMUND has a lot of professional experience in Valorant, seeing how he’s been competing since the early beginnings of the game. He’s a Sentinel player, so his knowledge of the game combined with Sentinel’s defensive capabilities will allow him to cover the team’s flanks and lock down key areas of the map. This will enable the team to play more aggressively and utilize double Duelist team setups.

LoWKii is a Jett player, but so is vakk. We’re not sure who is going to switch to a different agent, but there’s a good chance it’s going to be vakk, who could potentially settle for Raze. Team Vitality are looking for a new approach, and this duo just might be the answer to their prayers.

The EU scene is much more tactical, and compared to the US, there isn’t a lot of flashy play. LoWKii and vakk could potentially try and emulate teams like Sentinels, who have shown incredible results with their SicK and TenZ deadly combo. If Vitality can work out an aggressive play strategy and implement it successfully against EU teams who aren’t expecting it, they might be able to take their team to new heights.

VCT Stage 1 Aftermath

Vitality failed to achieve any noticeable results in the first stage of Valorant Champions Tour. They attempted to qualify for the first and second round of Challengers but fell flat.

In the first round they almost made it. They got to Round of 16 of the Open Qualifiers, but Monkey Business stopped them in their tracks. The second time, the team performed much worse and lost to THR in the Round of 32, which was essentially the end of the road for them.

That being said, it’s important to note that they are a very young team, and they’ve been active for barely two months. When looking from that perspective, this is nothing but a minor setback. They can recover and come back stronger, and with this new lineup they might just do that.

The Stage 2 VCT teams have not yet been announced, but it’s very possible Team Vitality will be competing in the upcoming qualifiers. Although they suffered defeats in the first stage, they learned a lot from that experience and can now try again with renewed confidence. Vitality could be a dark horse heading into Challengers, so be sure to read up on any Valorant betting tips written by yours trully.

The Current Team Vitality Roster

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