Temperature Joins Gen.G on Loan

Posted on September 29, 2021 - Last Updated on July 18, 2023

Gen.G is wasting no time as they’re preparing for the VCT: NA Last Chance Qualifier. They have loaned Nolan “Temperature” Pepper from Evil Geniuses in order to compete with a full roster in the upcoming event.

The addition of Temperature should bolster Gen.G’s roster drastically as the EG player is highly versatile and able to play a wide range of roles. The loan will most likely last for just a few matches, mainly for the duration of VCT: NA Last Chance Qualifiers, but if the squad hits it off then there’s a chance Gen.G might renegotiate the deal.

Gen.G’s Last Chance

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The Valorant Champions Tour: NA Last Chance Qualifier is approaching fast, and Gen.G seems to be all set and ready to go. With Temperature on loan, they now have the full squad they need and can begin preparing for the matches ahead.

The main question is whether Gen.G will have enough time to adjust to this last-minute change. Sure, Temperature is a great Valorant player but he’ll now be playing with an entirely different lineup. That being said, these are professional Valorant players we’re talking about so they’ll certainly manage.

Temperature joining for this esports event is a huge help, but will it be enough? Gen.G has been active throughout the entirety of Valorant Champions Tour, competing in all three stages. However, they haven’t managed to win a single tournament yet. If they do end up winning the VCT: NA Last Chance Qualifier, it will be a huge breakthrough for this squad. The competition is fierce so they’ll have to bring their A game for this one.

What Will Temperature Play

Temperature is truly a one man army. He can be a Controller, an Initiator, or a Sentinel who’ll keep his team’s backs safe and secure. With all these roles available to Gen.G, they’ll have a lot of freedom to pick agents for the rest of the team.

The two signature agents of Temperature are Omen and Sova. He has played the most matches with these two agents, and has successfully mastered both roles. Still, if the need arises, he can easily swap to Sage, Cypher, Breach, or Killjoy.

Omen is gMd’s baby, so that one is certainly out of the picture. Shawn will probably remain as a Duelist, seeing how he mainly plays Reyna and Raze. Koosta is a mix of everything, but there’s a high chance he’ll take on the role of a Sentinel, either with Cypher or Killjoy. Lastly there’s NaturE, who does play both Sentinels and Duelists. In this case, he’ll probably be assigned to Duelist duty.

So that leaves Temperature with Sova. That’s one of his most picked agents and he’s extremely proficient at it. This way, his pick won’t interfere with the rest of the team and Gen.G will have a really healthy lineup.

EG is Struggling

The Evil Geniuses Valorant roster formed in late January, 2021. The esports organisation achieved many trophies in other popular esports titles, so they set their sights on the new sensation that is Valorant.

Their journey in the Valorant Champions Tour has been rather mediocre. They competed in all three stages so far, but they would always get eliminated in the qualifiers. And so their competitive Valorant journey was cut short.

After loaning Temperature to Gen.G, they’re now left with one man missing. Temperature will probably be returning, but you simply never know how these things will pan out. Remember when Sentinels loaned TenZ from Cloud9 Blue? See what happened there.

If Gen.G does end up winning the VCT: NA Last Chance Qualifier, despite the Valorant betting odds being stacked against them, a portion of that success would be attributed to Temperature and Gen.G would probably opt to keep him around for longer. We’ll have to wait and see.


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