Temperature Returns to EG

Published: Nov 5, 2021

Evil Geniuses loaned Nolan “Temperature” Pepper to Gen.G for the duration of the VCT: NA LCQ. Now that the event is over, Gen.G has returned the player back to EG. However, instead of a warm welcome, Temperature was immediately benched.

His stay with Gen.G, although brief, was very valuable. Temperature gained a unique experience and it opened some new perspectives for him when it comes to Valorant esports. It’s unclear whether EG will keep him or let him go, but it does seem that the second option is more likely.

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The Next Step for Temperature

Even though Temperature didn’t manage to achieve the results he wished for during his stay with Gen.G, he did acquire quite a few new tricks that will come in handy in the future. The experience helped Temperature grow as a player. In his Twitter post he stated the following:

“Honestly was a pleasure to work with the boys over at Gen.G Valorant. I learned more than I ever thought I would, although we didn’t get the results we wanted I am still super happy to be able to take on this opportunity and grow as a player.”

Instead of being disappointed, Temperature has a very positive outlook on the whole situation and is quite happy about how things turned out.

This is the mindset that can make one a champion. Valorant esports tournaments are filled with ups and downs, and nobody rides the win train forever. Learning how to handle the lows is an integral part of the whole process.

It does seem like Temperature is on his way out of EG, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Even so, if that does end up being the case, we’re sure he’ll be able to find a new home soon and continue improving and growing as a player.

EG’s Next Move

As of right now, we’re not sure what EG is planning. Temperature, although benched, is still a part of the organisation. They may end up bringing him back into the main lineup, but there are other possibilities too.

Just recently, we learned that BabyJ has become a free agent. Obviously, he’s one of the best Valorant players in the world and plenty of teams would be happy to sign him. EG could be considering their options and looking at this new opportunity.

At the same, we have 100 Thieves steel who has been inactive since late September. Both him and BabyJ would be top picks for EG right now, and an excellent chance to fill that last spot on their roster.

There’s nothing concrete that would confirm these speculations. It may or may not happen, and if EG are exploring this possibility, they must act quickly. These players won’t remain on the market for long, and once someone signs them, chances are they’ll stay there at least until the VCT 2022 season kicks off.

The Bidding War

We mentioned how EG might be looking to snipe BabyJ or steel, but the same goes for Gen.G. They have returned Temperature back to EG and are now one man short. If both organisations are trying to sign either of these two players, then we might be looking at a potential bidding war.

Things in esports tend to move fast, so we’ll probably know more in the coming days or weeks. As for Temperature, it’s the end of his journey with Gen.G. We’ll see whether EG will keep him or let him explore his other options. In either case, we’re sure he’ll be okay and will continue his Valorant career.

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