Riot Games Reveal TFT Dragonlands Dates and Tournament Changes

Published: Aug 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022

One of the most famous auto battlers of all time, Teamfight Tactics’ new set, Dragonlands has brought significant improvements to the TFT World Championship. Riot Games has given more information regarding the TFT Dragonlands tournament’s dates and the changes that will improve the competition level.

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Tournament Changes

Firstly, all of the players who compete in the tournament will carry their day-one points to the second day. All of the fans will be able to watch the grind from the first day until the end. Riot Games decided to hold it for three days, November 18 to 20. More information about the new format can be seen below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The tournament structure has changed significantly, compared to the previous events. Last Chance Qualifiers are being applied in the VALORANT ecosystem, as well as League of Legends. In the latest TFT tournament, we have seen an LCQ in which players from North America, EMEA, Brazil, and LATAM. This time, Riot Games has also introduced the first-ever Eastern Last Chance Qualifier. Players from China, South Korea, Japan, and OCE will now be able to try one more time to compete in the biggest TFT tournament of all time.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Increased Prize Pool

Riot Games’ TFT Dragonlands reveal had all the community hyped especially with the improved prize pool. The overall prize that will be separated across the players is now $456k, $156k more than the previous year. The winner of the tournament will take home a prize of $150k, almost as much as the difference from last year. The second seeded player of the tournament will win $75k and the third will be awarded $25k. The company decided to increase the prizes of the first and second-seeded players mostly. Moreover, all players who compete in the TFT Dragonlands tournament will be given at least $2.5k, for reaching the first 32 seeds.

The launch of Set 7 has changed the game mechanics and the players started their grinds for the upcoming world championship tournament. Players started climbing ways to the top on competitive ladders and improving their experiences on the newest set, which showcases the biggest tournament of the game so far. Besides, players started to improve their TFT ranks to face better opponents in the game!

TFT Dragonlands will be one of the most popular esports tournaments of all time, and also one of the biggest in the auto battler field.

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