Riot Games Reveal TFT Rising Legends: Dragonlands

Published: Jun 8, 2022

Riot Games has announced the details of the upcoming circuit of Teamfight Tactics. The new circuit, Dragonlands, will host the competition in Europe and the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The upcoming tournament comes with a €50,000 prize pool which will be distributed among the best players.

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TFT Rising Legends Arriving to EMEA

One of the most popular games of Riot Games, Teamfight Tactics has held big tournaments throughout the year and hosted many talents from different regions. Starting from June, TFT Rising Legends will allow the most strategic players to battle for a spot to represent the EMEA region at the Set 7 TFT World Championship. The Dragonlands tournament will start in June and end in October. GGTech Entertainment will operate the circuit. It has an easy format that every player is used to now and here is everything you need to know about it!

Tournament Format

The competition structure will be pretty similar to the previous tournaments. It will start with the Open Qualifiers which will host 512 players all around the regions. Open Qualifiers will last for three days with player numbers decreasing due to elimination, with 128 players to be left on day two and 64 on day three. The minimum rank requirement for taking part in an OQ is Diamond II and sign-ups will be done through a weighted lottery system. On the other hand, Challenger players are guaranteed a spot in the Open Qualifiers. So the TFT ranks are very important if you want to compete at the highest level of the region. The matches will be played on the EUW server and the top 32 players from the OQ will qualify for the following Golden Spatula Cup.

Golden Spatula Cup

The second step is the Golden Spatula Cups. The top 96 Challenger players from across the 4 regions receive an invite due to their ladder position and will be joined by the 32 players from the Open Qualifier. On the first day of the event, there will be 128 players in total and they will compete in 6 lobbies. On the second day with all the eliminations, there will be 64 players left and the top 16 of the tournament will play on the third day. Finally, the top player will qualify for the Set 7 EMEA Finals. All three days of the Golden Spatula Cups will be broadcasted on the TeamfightTactics Twitch channel starting at 4 PM each day, alongside a range of co-streamers who will be announced in the upcoming days.

Moreover, there will be weekly snapshots granting points to the top 100 players on each server. The best ladder players will qualify for GSCs and finals. Besides, the Superbrawl is back with its newest form. The top three players will qualify for the Finals to try to lift the Rising Legends trophy.

Lastly, the Rising Legends Finals will host 32 players from the GSC, and Superbrawi winners. Four players will be qualified for the Set 7 Worlds Finals.

This tournament will create an opportunity for all those who are into esports betting as there will be many different matches. As said above, there will be more than one stream on Twitch and you will be able to watch from whichever perspective.

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