Tfue’s Spat With Fortnite Trio Teammates Intensifies

Published: Sep 10, 2019 - Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Controversial Fortnite superstar Tfue is at the center of a spat with his two Fortnite Trio teammates, Cloak and 72hrs. For now, it seems there is little chance of reconciliation within the group, even with the Fortnite Trios Finals looming.

Previously, Turner “Tfue” Tenney and his partner Dennis “Cloak” Lepore had become one of the most dominant partners in Fortnite esports. Competing together for FaZe Clan, they were the winners of TwitchCon 2018 and earned thousands of dollars in prize money together.

The trio was joined by Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan to enter the Fornite Trios Tournament. Sure enough, they qualified as a team. But on the eve of the finals, a major issue split the team.

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Madden 20 sponsored stream requests

Here’s how things went down. As popular streamers and players, Tfue, Cloak, and 72hrs were asked to host sponsored streams for a Madden 20 event. Tfue initially turned this offer of $140,000 down as he wanted to play in a Fortnite Trios event with his teammates.

However, both Cloak and 72hrs accepted the sponsored streams event. When Tfue made the claim that this decision cost him $140,000 via Twitter, Cloak called him an “idiot” and “dumbass” for turning down the chance to earn the money.

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Since then, Tfue has Tweeted


The team has not played together since the public spat via Twitter. Tfue’s claim that he wants to develop a new team for the Fortnite Trios Finals is somewhat difficult.

Rules for the event stated that should a player leave a team after it has qualified for the Fortnite Trios Finals, then the team would be disqualified. However, as Tfue pointed out in another tweet, there is one way he can still participate. That’s by swapping teams with a player from another team, provided all six players are in agreement over the trade.

With no movement on resolving this fight, it seems likely that the only way one of the most recognizable players in Fortnite esports will be able to play at this event is to engineer a trade to another team that is agreeable to all six players.

Tfue in the news

This latest episode is not the first time Tfue has been in the news recently. He was also involved in a spat with his former team managers at FaZe Clan over the terms of his contract. He claimed those were unduly punitive and robbed him of considerable earnings. The FaZe Clan owners flatly disputed those allegations.

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