The Best Heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.30e

Published: Dec 2, 2021

A few weeks after The International 10, Valve released a new update called Patch 7.30e, which included several changes to the heroes that got abused and several items. Despite the nerfs, many of these heroes are still strong. The Dota 2 patch notes revealed a little of what can be done differently to improve the meta.

Top Heroes in Patch 7.30e

Patch 7.30e for Dota 2 has been a great update to the game, with its meta that has brought us some truly entertaining games. Here are the top heroes in Patch 7.30e based on win rate.

4. Jakiro

Jakiro got buffed by Patch 7.30 and also by 7.30c. This made him famous again and increased his win rate significantly to about 53.65%. One of the things that makes Jakiro so good is his level 10 talent, which has a +325 attack range.

When played as damage-dealing support, Jakiro can be fun to play and help take down enemy towers with his ability, Liquid Fire.

Image Credits | Valve

3. Silencer

Silencer is a mighty hero with a lot of advantages. His early game is tough to beat due to his ability to deal massive damage. His Glaives of Wisdom can give him a big power spike, and his Arcane Curse can make him deal a lot of damage before an opponent can get away from him.

Although his results at the International 10 were average, he is still a hero with a win rate of around 53.70% in Patch 7.30e.

2. Dazzle

Dazzle’s win rate is 53.75% in Dota 2 patch 7.30e. His early game and his ability to keep allies alive make him a strong choice. Another highlight of Dazzle’s strength is his ability to latch onto a target and lower its HP enough to drive it out of the lane with the assistance of an ally.

1. Wraith King

Wraith King is a high win rate hero in the latest patch of Dota 2. He has a scary carry trait that makes him a threat to play against. To kill him, you must kill him twice and survive a very unpleasant 5-second slow that might destroy all of your team.

With a win rate of 54%, Wraith King can heal himself fast and use his Vampiric Spirit and Mortal Strike to take down opponents.

Wraith King Dota
Image Credits | Valve

The New Dota 2 Season Begins

Dota 2 esports is still ongoing, with details released containing a breakdown of the schedule, tournament format, and prize pool distribution of Dota 2 DPC. It will feature all six regions and be split into three different tours. The first tour is set for November 29 to January 23, 2022. The second tour is set for March 14 to April 24, and the third for June 6 to July 17.

The Regional Leagues tournaments currently feature a $280,000 prize pool per tour, split among the two divisions ($205,000 for Division I and $75,000 for Division II). After the third tour, the top twelve teams will qualify for The International 2022 as long as they maintain their DPC points. Other remaining spots will be filled through regional, last-chance qualifiers.

The Dota 2 esports scene is becoming exciting as updates are made to items and heroes and the new hero, Marci. These tournaments are sure to be as competitive as ever as they come, with opportunities for esports betting.

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