The fan-made League of Legends fantasy tour is coming back next year

Published: Dec 26, 2019 - Last Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Despite its popularity with fans, Riot Games scrapped its fantasy league last year – they launched it some five years ago and eventually shut it down, promising something ‘bigger’ for next year. Although we don’t yet know what that is, a company called Esports One has decided to fill the gap.

It’s no secret that fantasy esports are popular. The more realistic the better – Esports One’s new service features all sorts of goodies – a salary cap, champion select, a team captain, statistics and more – everything a fantasy fan could want.

There will be no player lockouts – everyone can draft anyone they like, limited only by the salary cap imposed. A total of 10k players will be able to participate in the new League of Legends Fantasy League – sign-ups are already open.

Given the limited places, you’ll want to sign up soon if you want to participate – this fantasy league is already set to be extremely popular!

Living the Fantasy

If participating in the league isn’t your thing but you still want to follow the fun, you can always watch the competition unfold – or you can bet on the results. Fantasy league matches in any esport have always been popular with esports betting fans, and there are sites available that specialise in betting on these leagues rather than ‘real’ esports.

Be careful when selecting a provider though – these services can be fraudulent. Always pick a site with good reviews that have a good history – in other words, established trustworthy sites. Services like DraftKing esports specialise in League of Legends fantasy competitions and esports tournaments – that’s the sort of site you are looking for.

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Teaming Up

As for the Esports One service – if you are a fantasy fan, you should definitely check it out. Since Riot Games left a bit of a vacuum when they shut down the original dedicated fantasy league, this was a long time coming. The stats and advanced info that’s available on the players and their performances make this as much fun as any fantasy football league – it also heavily relies on players doing their own research before picking and setting up teams. In other words – knowing about the pro LoL scene really pays off.

Esportsone Platform League Of Legends Fantasy Tour

In addition to the available stats, the game also relies on planning and engagement from the team creators and managers. Following the meta is a must, and Esports One was kind enough to provide research tools and the like on their site, so it’s a lot easier than you may think.

As for Riot – while they haven’t directly responded to this new service, they are also coming out with something somewhat similar – their very own Esports Manager game. Not much is known yet, but the game was announced at their tenth anniversary not too long ago, along with a host of other new developments and initiatives the company is launching in the near future.

Image courtesy of LoL Esports / EsportsOne

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