Valve’s The International 2022 Will Be Held in Singapore

Published: May 23, 2022 - Last Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The biggest tournament in gaming is now travelling to a new location. Valve has confirmed TI11 will be held in Singapore later this year. The announcement came courtesy of DOTA 2 twitter. Mass speculation around the tournament’s location had arisen due to three days of cryptic tweets from Valve. This built-up excitement in a week where OG stormed through and claimed Stockholm Major 2022.

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Importance of TI11

Dota 2 The International 2022 is the biggest event in the title’s calendar. It is the event every player, coach, and spectator wants to be a part of. Throughout its history, the tournament has been held in locations in Europe, North America, and China, but never in Southeast Asia. The news of a Singapore TI is sure to influence more players to participate in the region. Media coverage is already booming, which will result in this great event growing even further.

As previously mentioned, OG has won Stockholm Major 2022, and will now be looking to win an unrivalled third TI. Having won in 2018 Vancouver, and 2019 Shanghai, could they make history? It is undeniable that whoever wins this tournament, their region as a result grows in player popularity. Esports betting favours OG and Team Spirit due to their recent TI successes. Despite this, with 9 different winners in 10 competitions, any one of these S-tier teams can win it all.

Past Winners and Prize Money

Year after year, each tournament generates a greater prize pool. This is an added incentive for competition to grow. With 20 teams participating and live audiences expected, this year should produce the biggest Dota 2 event of all time.

When and What is the Format

With the event starting on October 1st 2022, teams will qualify through the Dota Pro Circuit, with other squads using regional qualifiers. Qualified teams will be broken into groups, which constitutes a round robin phase. Bottom teams of each group will then be eliminated, leaving the others placed in the bracket. Placements in the bracket are determined by standings in each group. Lower bracket teams will only have one chance to survive, and if they lose, they are out. Those in the Upper bracket have two chances, if they win, they stay in the Upper. If they fail, they enter losers, with the last two competing in a B05 Grand Final.

In terms of Dota 2 betting, OG, TSM FTX and T1 are seen as their own regional favourites. However, with less than six months to go, and only one squad winning TI more than once, there is a high possibility a new name gets etched into the history books.

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