The League of Legends Iberian Cup will crown its winner on Sunday

Published: Nov 26, 2019

The most important League of Legends tournament for Spanish players is underway, as the Iberian Cup approaches its inevitable conclusion. At the end of the week, the winner will be crowned in Madrid and the final are likely to be played by MAD Lions and Vodafone Giants.

The most promising Academy teams have participated in the Iberian Cup throughout November, but only S2V Esports are still standing. They are joined by the Portuguese For The Win Esports as the underdogs in the Iberian Cup Semi Finals.

The Iberian Cup Story so Far

During the group stage of the Iberian Cup, 16 teams have tried to qualify for the playoffs and a share of the prize pool. All Academy teams except for S2V Esports were eliminated, while the main favourites, MAD Lions and Vodafone Giants, have advanced with ease.

For The Win Esports joined from Portugal where they were pit against four LVP teams. By qualifying for the Iberian Cup Semi Final they are guaranteed to win at least $3000, the prize reserved for third and fourth place.

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MAD Lions are Huge Favourites in the Iberian Cup Semifinal

MAD Lions are one of the strongest Spanish League of Legends teams and they have won the group stage without dropping a single match.

They had to fight hard in the quarterfinals against G2 Heretics, but were able to advance by 2-1.

Now they play against S2V Esports, a team they have defeated many times during the regular season of the LVP. Their opponents have finished second in Group B, the only one to have two teams qualified for the Iberian Cup Semi Finals.

At this stage, Rivalry offers esports odds of 1/10 on MAD Lions to prevail, while pricing an unlikely S2V Esports victory at 6/1.

A Mere Formality for the Vodafone Giants before the Iberian Cup Final

The Vodafone Giants are the overwhelming favorites in the other semi final played against the Portuguese side For The Win Esports. They were also undefeated during the group stage and after sweeping OGB in the quarterfinals, they are the only team at the Iberian Cup yet to lose a match.

The odds of 1/100 offered by ArcaneBet on them to win in the semi finals, suggest that they will maintain their invincibility on Friday. Portuguese fans willing to take a leap of faith with For The Win Esports will enjoy odds of 10/1

Mad Lions Vs Vodafone Giants

Brace Yourselves for the MAD Lions vs Vodafone Giants Clash

The semi finals pit the best Spanish teams against two ambitious League of Legends squads in a David versus Goliath type of contest. We expect MAD Lions and Vodafone Giants to sweep their opponents and set up an epic confrontation in the Iberian Cup Final.

Vodafone Giants should ultimately claim the trophy, but the last series of the tournament is likely to go the distance and be decided in five games.

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