The New OG Roster

Published: Nov 23, 2021

Dota 2’s most popular and recognizable team has decided to revamp their squad ahead of the 2021-22 Dota Pro Circuit. After winning The International twice in the last three editions, OG will fill a new lineup with young talent. By replacing famous mainstays like N0tail, Seb, and Topson, OG is ushering a new era to their Dota 2 esports division.

Introducing a Brand New Team

The transition began shortly after TI10, in which OG finished in 7-8th place. SumaiL and Saksa were released from their respective contracts with the org, whereas Ceb officially announced his retirement from the competition. With Topson and N0tail stepping aside to embark on a hiatus, OG was left with a vacant lineup.

Fortunately, the team found their following roster with the idea of cultivating the next generation of Dota players in mind. Headed by coach-turned-captain Misha, OG will feature three exciting albeit inexperienced prospects and capable support with loads of experience.

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Yuragi, a 20-year-old Ukrainian who last played for Team Unique last season, serves as the Main Carry. Manning the Mid and Offlane of OG are Biziem and Ammar The F, both of which are 16 years of age. Both are the latest in a wondrous line of players who played with those roles.

Finally, like Position 4, OG picked up Norwegian-born Taiga from Team Liquid to assist in tandem with Misha. He last appeared in TI9 as a member of Alliance before continuing his career with TL.

Top 3 Dota 2 Rosters So Far

With OG’s new roster, they will be opposed by three teams esports betting sites believe as the favorites in winning TI11.


First up is one of OG’s nemesis, the famous Chinese team known as PSG.LGD. Despite languishing for the majority of the past DPC, they ultimately finished runners-up in TI10, becoming close once again to lift the prestigious Aegis of Champions.

PSG.LGD will return with the same roster from TI10 for this go-around. They are expected to repeat their showing in TI10 throughout the DPC and continue dominating as they have done in their history.

Team Secret

Focusing back to Europe, where OG is based, lies another great team who’s looking to rebound emphatically from TI. For as long as people have known the European Dota scene, few have forgotten the existence of Team Secret.

While most teams would relish finishing Top 3 at TI10, for Secret, they viewed it as a resounding failure. Expect Secret to consistently fight at the top and vie for the elusive Aegis for all of next season.

Team Spirit

It’d be wrong to include the reigning TI champions in the conversation of the best Dota 2 teams around. From being close to not qualifying for TI10, Team Spirit is riding on an incredible momentum that enabled them to beat the world’s best in quick succession.

However, as the world’s best team, they hold a target on their back by everyone else looking to depose them. But as they showed in TI10, it will take a herculean effort from anyone to defeat them at their absolute best.

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