The Newest Dota 2 Hero – Marci

Published: Oct 19, 2021

Who is Marci

Dragon’s Blood, a Dota 2 series launched in March 2021, tells the lore of the Dragon Knight. Most known as “Davion”, DK is one of the game’s greatest heroes and has some feelings for the players.

In the last compendium, Valve launched an Arcana for the Dragon Knight related to the Netflix series. That arcana can give us a first idea that some of the characters can be included in the video game soon. Marci was Mirana’s companion and her bodyguard. In the series, she was a quiet person but loyal to her friends.

Marci Dota 2 hero was announced during The International 10, similar to past TIs. Also, the latest releases were Void Spirit and Snapfire when The International 9 ended.

Image Credits | Valve

Marci, in the series, showed everyone that she has explosive damage and some hidden skills. There is little information about Marci’s abilities, but she will probably be more core than support.

The date of release will be this fall 2021 and will probably be included with a new balance update. We are currently in the 7.30d update, this release can probably be the 7.31 update.

What Should Dota 2 Fans Expect

Marci Dota 2 hero is likely to be an agility melee hero. She shows in the series that she can be a stronger hero and highlight some physical talents featured in Dragon’s Blood.

Dota 2 fans are expecting some new carry hero. The latest heroes that were released in the game were related to some supports like Snapfire and Hoodwink. The most overpowered was Void Spirit that now is used as a Mid Laner. But there were no new carry heroes.

Dota 2 pro players tried to use the Dawnbreaker as a carry when she was released. However, she was adopted as an off-lane, so for that reason, players can expect a new carry hero.

Image Credits | Valve

That can break the meta entirely, but we need to be patient to know more about Marci. The International 10 shows everyone that the Hard Carry needs to fight with the team as soon as possible.

The meta that the HC was on the jungle farming for 30 minutes and then ended the game because he has six items is over. As we can expect, Marci will probably be this kind of core that can activate the game only with levels.

If Marci were thinking of being a support, she would probably have the same role as Mirana, as soft support. Also, she will disrupt the game with ganks and some movements in the early game.

Each alternative puts Marci as the strongest hero. She will most likely break the current meta and change the Dota 2 betting landscape.

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