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Published: Nov 1, 2019 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Overwatch fans around the globe are set to explode as the Overwatch World Cup kicks off later today. Just in the nick of time bettors can rejoice as a betting provider stepped forward with the opening day odds. one of our trusted partners (read our full Review) has edged ahead of the competition and is currently the only betting provider offering odds for the World Cup.

Only 8 of the 20 matches played on opening day are available for betting but they feature all 10 participating teams at this year’s cup.  If you are seeking to support and place a bet on your national team is the first provider to give us an avenue to do so.

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The OWWC Matchups

Yesterday we spoke about the two main protagonists in both competitive groups at this year’s Cup. Teams USA and Korea battle for dominance in Group A, while China and Canada will duel for the coveted first seed and direct BYE into Semifinals.

Sadly, both of this greatly contested matches are not featured in the first round betting market so we can at best hope bets become available in-play. From the 8 available matchups currently, there are two that could spark interest with potential bettors.

Owwc Betting Odds

First up, Canada is meeting Russia in the opening match of the day at amazingly good odds for Team Canada. The OWL star studded lineup should make quick work of the Russians in the opener and at 1.42 odds this should be a quick get for any bettors interested in placing a wager on the OWWC.

At 1.28 odds, China is the second value bet you can tie in for an “easy payout”. The pretty much “Chengdu Hunters” roster is facing up against Denmark in the opening round and should be able to net an easy win.

Considering the solid form of the Hunters this season, Team China should be a solid contender for the entire event and a definite favorite in this matchup.

You can view the rest of the thrilling day one matchups directly at

Buffbet Overwatch World Cup Odds

Tune in

All the action at this year’s Overwatch World Cup kicks off tonight at 20:00 CEST at

Make sure you check out our Overwatch odds section before placing your first bet and keep track of our esports news section for the freshest updates as the tournament evolves.

May the best Overwatch Nation win!

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