The Squad: NBC Gives Green Light to Esports Comedy TV Series

Published: Oct 23, 2019

US-based television network NBC has given the green light to a brand-new TV comedy series about the world of esports.

With a working title of The Squad, the series is set to explore what it is like to be a part of the burgeoning esports scene in the United States.

The original idea for the show was written by Anthony Del Broccolo, who is most famous for his contributions as a writer on the massive hit Big Bang Theory. One of the stars of that show, actor and producer Johnny Galecki, is also on board with this new esports project.

What will The Squad be about?

NBC have ordered scripts for the new series from Del Broccolo, with Galecki and Del Broccolo also acting as executive producers on the show, chiefly through Galecki’s company Alcide Bava Productions. Holly Brown will also act as a further executive producer and Cory Wood is slated to be the producer.

The series is purported to be based around a group of friends and rivals, who share an interest in the esports scene and how they develop relationships, companionship, rivalries and similar as part of the group and of the wider esports community.

So far there is no official date for the release of the TV show.


Esports on TV

When released, the new NBC show will be one of the first comedy series to focus specifically on esports, but it will not be the first TV show to have explored the industry.

A recent episode of The Simpsons saw the eponymous family engage with esports for one episode.

Furthermore, WBTV is set to produce an esports-themed comedy show involving former Echo Fox founder Rick Fox as well as Dan Kopelman and Kapital Entertainment. The title of this autobiographical show, which has been commissioned for a pilot, is not yet known.

While esports shows tend to show highlights of tournaments and are growing in number all around the world, shows that are about the industry as a whole that are more fiction-based, are much fewer in number. However, they could have a significant impact in raising awareness of the industry with a broader demographic.


Galecki Appeal

The fact that Johnny Galecki is on board will certain appeal to a broad base of viewers given that he first came to prominence playing the role of David Healy, the much put-upon boyfriend of the titular characters sardonic daughter Darlene. He reprised this role recently in NBC’s reboot of the series The Conners.

However, it is his role in the smash hit show The Big Bang Theory, where he played experimental physicist Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, who shared an apartment with his friend, the genius but socially awkward Dr.Sheldon Cooper, which will ensure that he draws in a crowd of both comedy fans as well as esports gamers.

It will certainly be interesting to see how much esports form a part of the series and whether it has the same appeal that some of Galecki’s other TV shows have had with viewers.

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