The StarCraft II NationWars 2019 Brings the Pro-Gamers to France

Published: Nov 11, 2019

The 2019 StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals were the highlight of the year for the fans of the popular real-time strategy game. Dark has emerged victorious at the expense of Reynor, while Finnish superstar Serral didn’t even make the finals. Both of them have a chance to return into the spotlight, as the StarCraft II NationWars 2019 comes to France for the offline semifinals.

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24 Countries Fight for Supremacy in the NationWars

The StarCraft II NationWars 2019 is a competition hosted by O’Gaming TV, a popular French Web TV that has organized similar tournaments in the past. This year, the event has a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000, which will be split among the top 16 teams. The lion’s share goes to the ones who finish in the top four, as they will collect more than 75% of the money, while the rest will get consolation prizes.

The qualifiers have ended and eight teams were already eliminated from the race, paving the way for the decisive round. During the Round of 16, the qualifying nations will play in four double elimination brackets in best of seven series. Two teams will advance directly to the Winners’ final, while the defeated will have a second chance in the Losers’ final. The top two from each bracket will advance to the playoffs, which are scheduled for the second half of November.

All playoff matches will be played in a similar elimination bracket, with the semi finals and grand finals to be hosted offline at the O’Gaming studio. The StarCraft II NationWars 2019 is first and foremost about providing the fans with the opportunity of seeing the best players in action. That’s why, the grand final will require up to nine games to determine a winner and it will be played in an original mixed format.

StarCraft II NationWars 2019’s Unique Structure

This competition celebrates team spirit in addition to individual talent and each nation will have a squad led by a captain. He will be in charge of selecting the player that will compete the next day, as well as the map, without knowing the opponent’s decision. The organizers will reveal the names of the protagonist on Twitter a few hours before the match, so the element of surprise is preserved.

In the second half of the tournament, the All-Kill Format will be used, with the players that have blindly won the map to be chosen for the next round. The rules allow captains to revive one player in case the previous series has ended with a 2-0 score. Top players will have an advantage over their peers, as the winning nation will send their best performing pro-gamers back into the fray.

The winning team will walk away with $16,000, while the runner-up will have to settle for $1000. The next two teams will get $6000, respectively $4000, to be split among its members. The StarCraft II NationWars 2019 has clear favorites, with South Korea being the top seed, followed by Finland and Italy.

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