Thunderpick & the*gameHERs Reveal Strategic Partnership

Published: Jan 9, 2024

The gaming community platform, the*gamehers have teamed up with one of the top online crypto esports betting companies, Thunderpick, to ‘expand and influence’ the gaming landscape and community for women.

A whole host of events are planned from January 2024 to allow female gamers to showcase their talents and enjoy a wide range of games within the esports and gaming industries.

thunderpick the*gamehers partnership
Image: Thunderpick,the*gamehers

Super Bowl Week Launch Event in Las Vegas

The official launch of the partnership will take place during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas with a Kick-Off Happy Hour event.

The event will attempt to bring the*gamehers community together through various events including networking opportunities, interactive experiences and an introduction to the collaboration between the two organizations.

This inaugural event will be live-streamed on the*gamehers platform and other social media channels.

The aim is to connect those in attendance in Las Vegas with a more global audience of industry specialists, experts, streamers and gamers.

8-Week “Pink Picks” Campaign To Debut in Pink Pixels Live-Stream

Alongside the showcase Las Vegas launch event, both organizations will contribute to a “Pink Picks” campaign, featuring weekly live-streams which will be broadcast during the popular Pink Pixel’s variety show live-stream.

The Pink Picks segment will focus on several game and betting-related items including fantasy picks, analysis of gameplay, advice and professional tips from esports and industry experts and predictions of future gaming fixtures and matches.

Pink Picks will be promoted across all of the*gamehers digital platforms.

StreamHERs Creator Livestream

To focus on giving femme-identifying gamers a platform to show their expertise and knowledge, the StreamHERs Creator Live Stream will bring live coverage of participants’ esports picks and showcase their gaming analysis skills.

Several of those who participate in the Livestream event, which will also be streamed across the*gamehers platforms, will also be invited to become ambassadors for Thunderpick.

Thunderpick FemaLED Pro-Am Tournament Announced

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the partnership, certainly for those with an interest in esports betting and tournament gaming, is the fact that Thunderpick have announced they will be developing a tournament specifically for female-led teams.

The FemaLED Pro-Am will be streamed across all available platforms and will offer female-identifying gamers the chance to play in a competitive and high-profile event. Additionally, some of the top performers at the event will also be given the chance to become ambassadors for Thunderpick.

This latest partnership is further vindication for the*gamehers community, which now has over 480,000 followers and 150,000 subscribers.

The community has struck up several partnership deals with other major companies in recent times including PrizePicks, Walmart, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Logitech and Morgan Stanley amongst others.

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