TI10 Standings

Published: Oct 13, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024

Current TI10 Standings

The International is into its 10th edition; due to covid-19, the best Dota 2 tournament had to wait two years to perform again. They are currently playing in the playoffs phase, and here you can find a summary of TI10 group stage results and TI10 standings.

Before the tournament started, all the Dota 2 TI betting was for PSG.LGD.
Fortunately, PSG.LGD did not disappoint and got first place in Group B with seven victories and only one draw.

In Group A, the champion of the One Esports Singapore Major 2021, Invictus Gaming, was at the top of the group. Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD were the only two who didn’t lose a series in the tournament.

Why is Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD Performing Well

As we mentioned, PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming are currently the best Dota 2 teams in The International.

Due to covid-19, the DPC has entirely changed with the Regional Leagues and having 2 Majors. Invictus Gaming was the first champion in the China Upper Division Season 1 and won the One Esports Singapore Major.

PSG.LGD didn’t have a good performance in the China Regional League, but it was enough to get a slot in the two majors of the year.

Image Credits | PSG.LGD

WePlay Animajor was the second Major of the DPC and PSG.LGD won absolutely everything. PSG.LGD smashed Evil Geniuses 3-0 in the tournament’s grand final and showed an outstanding performance in every match.

Before TI10, PSG.LGD played a few tournaments in Europe against T110 teams. They also got second place in the ESL One Fall. PSG.LGD got first place in the OGA Dota Pit Invitational too, but they played with their coach as a standing tournament.

After they qualified for TI10, Invictus Gaming decided not to participate in European tournaments. However, they smashed in Group A with six victories and two draws.

Who Are The Top Players So Far

Here are the 5 top players of the tournament:

Most Kills:

FlyFly is the Hard Carry of Invictus Gaming and has 192 kills so far in the tournament. FlyFly achieved the most kills in the series against Team Spirit with 22.

Most Kills & Assists:

GPK is the Mid Laner of Virtus.pro, and he has 395 kills & assists.

As a Mid Laner, GPK is responsible for playing around the three lanes, and his game style is similar to a second carry.

Roshan Kills:

One important thing to end the game is to kill Roshan. He brings immortality to the player who gets the aegis. In that stat, Matumbaman, the Hard Carry of Team Secret, has killed Roshan 17 times.

Image Credits | Valve

Damage to Heroes:

Topson is the Mid Laner of OG and has 631,884 damage done to all the heroes he competed with. It is an incredible stat but, considering his role in the game; it is not surprising.

Godlike Sprees:

Dota 2 has a way of identifying when a player gets a kill streak during a game without dying. The maximum is beyond godlike when your streak is 10-0. Nightfall, the Hard Carry of Virtus.pro, has owned this Godlike streak seven times.

Tournament Predictions

With the current TI10 standings and the teams’ performance, we considered these three teams to be in the finals.

The TI betting odds put PSG.LGD as the favorite to get the Aegis.

Team Secret and Invictus Gaming will play a crucial match that decides the top 3 of the tournament. OG is the other team with many chances to get to the top 3, but they have fewer options in the Lower Bracket.

At this point, we can consider an upper bracket final between PSG.LGD and Team Secret.

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