Dota 2 Diretide 2020: Top 5 Heroes for Diretide

Published: Nov 3, 2020 - Last Updated: Jul 23, 2023

After years of please from the community, Valve has finally released Diretide 2020. The fan-favorite Dota 2 event has had only two iterations, back in 2012 and 2013, but has remained a fond memory in the eyes of the community for years.

This year’s Diretide features an all-new version of the game mode, turning it into a full-on 5 vs. 5 Dota 2 match, with the main goal being to collect and steal candy from your enemies while keeping Roshan at bay. The first team to reach three wins secures the game.

Players will be awarded Diretide points after playing both the custom game mode, as well as finishing normal games. For every 100 Diretide points the player accumulates, they will receive one of 75 unique rewards.

With such a specific event underway, some heroes were poised to be better than others. But during this year’s Diretide, certain heroes have come off as quite literally game-breaking and unstoppable.

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In this article, we will discuss which Diretide heroes can make your games that much easier.

Diretide 2020 Best Heroes

1. Weaver

diretide 2020 best heroes
Image Credits | Big Green Pepper

This annoying bug has been a staple in most official events for quite some time now. Due to his slippery skill set and massive damage output, Weaver feels like a carry that was born for Diretide. Shukuchi is quite possibly the most broken spell in this year’s event. Apart from helping him clear waves, Shukuchi makes Weaver really hard to catch, while also giving him the mobility to quickly deliver the candies to your base.

If that wasn’t enough, remember that Weaver’s carry potential also makes him viable in later rounds.

With Weaver being such a strong pick, expect for him to be insta-banned heading into most of your Diretide matches. The best way of dealing with him will be to ward up and pick strong disables.

2. Undying

diretide 2020 best heroes Undying
Image Credits | Baldi Konijn

Undying is a hero that has always worked well in cramped spaces. With the Diretide map being fairly smaller than your average Dota 2 one, and with certain waves having swarms of creeps, Undying is definitely a nasty pick.

The sheer amount of creeps and heroes make Soul Rip a strong nuke with a six-second cooldown during the first couple of waves. The spell also provides arguably the best sustain in the game mode. Tombstone is easily one of the most annoying spells to face in Diretide while hitting Decay has never felt so easy.

Depending on your teams’ needs, Undying is a very flexible pick that has an impact even in the later stages. Just remember to pick up that Aghanims Scepter if you’re playing with him.

3. Windranger

dota 2 diretide 2020 best hero Windranger
Image Credits | Baumi

Windranger is potentially the most broken hero in Dota 2 Diretide just because of her ultimate Focus Fire. Windranger’s ultimate is the stuff dreams are made off in Diretide, making short work of enemy heroes, mobs, Taffy Well’s, and most importantly, the enemies Home Bucket.

Apart from her ultimate, Shackle Shot is pretty easy to land on the map, with an abundance of trees, creeps, and enemy heroes. Windrun remains one of the best escapes in the game.

Windranger is best picked if you are going for the enemy’s home bucket, as she can make quick work of your opponents’ candy stockpile.

4. Zeus

Dota 2 diretide best hero Zeus
Image Credits | Bolieri

Zeus is pretty self-explanatory here. His wave clear, damage output, and late-game scaling are off the charts. Make sure to max out Arc Lighting first, as the spell does wonders during the first two rounds. Lightning Bolt is always a good counter to any invisibility heroes ruining your game.

Most importantly, Zeus can be a game-changer late into the rounds by sniping enemies at the very last second with his Thundergod’s Wrath and Nimbus. Remember, every stack of taffy reduces the holder’s maximum health by 2%.

5. Mirana

diretide 2020 best hero Mirana
Image Credits | Valve

Mirana is definitely a jack of all trades in Diretide, and one of the most overlooked heroes in this years’ event. Her Starfall is a great wave clear early on (getting an Aghanim’s Scepter makes it two times better!), but her real power lies in her Sacred Arrow. Heading into later rounds, Sacred Arrow still retains its one shit kill for even large creeps.

What sets her above most other heroes are her spells Leap and Moonlight Shadow. While Leap is a great escape tool for her, Mirana’s ultimate makes the whole team’s life just that much easier.

She also scales well with items later on making her a threat at any given moment.

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